Seymour Snapshots

Picture Yourself Growing in First Grade

Happy Halloween

Welcome back to school! I hope everyone had a wonderful, safe Halloween! We had a great day at school, and I loved all the costumes. Special thanks for everyone who helped out with our class party, especially Mrs. Keegan and Mrs. Anton!They did a wonderful job with the party! We had a blast and had many yummy treats to eat!

Fourth Grade Buddies are the BEST!

The week of Halloween was a special one! We were able to meet up with some older students from Ms. Singley's 4th grade to create a Halloween Cause & Effect book! It was a great learning experience for everyone! Modeled after the cause and effect relationships in the book If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, we created our own books based on Halloween characters. We had a great time writing and illustrating books with our buddies! We loved meeting new friends in 4S! We look forward to working with them in the future.

Reading Workshop - Character Studies

Last week, we were able to dive into the world of characters! We talked about characters we love (Pete the Cat!) and why we love them. We studied what characters say and what characters do. To help us, we watched a short video of a new favorite character Ormie the Pig! Ask your child about Ormie the Pig and his dilemma. He is a pretty hysterical character! We realized that if we pay close attention to these clues (what characters say and do) we can learn so much about a character. We can learn how they feel and what they are like on the inside. We ended the week putting our detective skills to the test as we learned new information about Molly Lou Melon!

We have done a great job on our spelling tests! Thank you for all your support at home. We are mastering our short vowel sounds. Please continue to practice the sight words in addition to the spelling words. They will also be tested on Fridays.

New App Series and Professional Development

This year in First Grade, we have started using NEW iPads to enhance our instruction and learning. Thank you to the Tatem PTA! We LOVE using the iPads! We use them in reading workshop, during guided reading, and we mainly use them in our math workshop! They are such a great tool to reinforce the skills we are learning in first grade. We use them independently and we use them with friends! This past week during professional development, I was able to spend quality time with other first grade teachers thinking about the iPads and how we can utilize them to their fullest potential, increase classroom productivity, and how they can transform our teaching. During our time, we were able to find some quality apps that we will be using in the classroom. I would love to share some of the apps that we will be using in the classroom with you through our Seymour Snapshots. I hope you enjoy using them at home.

Featured App - Garfield's Mental Math Games

Garfield’s Mental Math Games is a great tool that enables children to develop a visual image of number relationships, at their own pace.

This app allows students to make mental images of numbers. Using 5 and 10 as anchors for counting, adding and subtracting is obviously more efficient than one-by-one counting. This tool provides learners with the visual models they need to discover number relationships and develop a variety of addition and subtraction strategies, including doubles plus or minus one, making tens, and compensation, thereby leading to automaticity of basic facts.

Reminders and Dates

* Please read the guided reading book with your child and return the book the next day! I will be sending home books on Fridays. I appreciate all of your help to have your child read this book and discuss it at home.

* December Parent Teacher conferences are right around the corner. An electronic Sign Up will be coming home

* I want to apologize for any wet lunch boxes that may be coming home. We are having trouble with water bottles in our lunch boxes. If possible, it would be VERY helpful for your child to have a reusable water bottle with a close top. It will help with keeping our classroom dry and it will help the environment. I am noticing many unopened or untouched water bottles go to waste! Thanks for your help with this!

* Thank you for your Scholastic Book orders for October! Our November book order is due 11/24.

* Our special class schedule is listed below. Please be sure to return library books on Day 5. Also, please be sure to send your child to school in sneakers on Day 4 and 6 for PE. Thanks!

Specials Schedule

Day 1 - Art and Health

Day 2 - Music

Day 3 - Spanish

Day 4 - Spanish and PE (Please wear sneakers)

Day 5 - Library (please return library books this day)

Day 6 - PE

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