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Which browser Do I use?

The application you use to access the Internet and many applications at District 207 is called your browser. You actually have two different browsers on your PC. One is Internet Explorer and the other is Google Chrome. Some programs like APECS require you work within Internet Explorer, while chrome is better for accessing your email since it is a Google product. You can set either to be your default browser when open an Internet Shortcut from your desktop. From Explorer you can select tools --> Internet Options --> Programs and click the "Make Default" button. Within Chrome you can type chrome://settings/ as the URL and click the make "Chrome My Default Browser". If the button is not clickable it means the browser you are in is already your default.

Did you know?

Some things you may not know about your browser.

  • When typing an Internet address you do not need to type the http:// or www.
  • You can Open a link in a "tabbed" or new window by right-clicking a link and selecting the appropriate option from the list
  • Searching in the URL bar of almost any browser will perform a search using the search engine you have selected as the default within your browser options
  • If a website does not display properly, try to refresh the page. If it still doesn't work try to hold the Shift key while clicking the refresh icon.
  • You can find add-on's for Internet Explorer here: and extensions for Google Chrome here: to enhance your browsing experience

Powerful Keyboard Shortcuts

  • The combination of Ctrl-Tab will cycle through open tabs in your browser
  • You can access your browsing history with Ctrl-H
  • Ctrl-Shift-T will open the most recently closed tab
  • F11 will "toggle" your browsing experience to full screen
  • Ctrl + and Ctrl - when used together will control your browser zoom
  • Ctrl-F can be used to search a page in your browser
  • Alt-F will Open your menu bar even when it's hidden
  • Ctrl-D will add the current page to your bookmarks
  • Ctrl-P will open the print menu

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Speaking of Bookmarks

You can create a link for any page you visit frequently. These are known as bookmarks. You can add bookmarks to either Internet Explorer or Google Chrome simply by clicking on the star icon of your browser or using Ctrl-D. These bookmarks will be local to that machine that you add it too. If you use multiple computers, I would suggest using a social bookmarking tool like so you have universal and ubiquitous access. Even sites like APECS and the Helpdesk can be bookmarked in this manner. To access your bookmarks in Internet Explorer select the Favorites menu. In Google Chrome you should select settings then bookmarks. Both browsers have a bookmark toolbar which can be used to keep your most frequently used sites easily available. In explorer you can make it visible from the View-->Toolbars-->Favorites From Chrome open the menu, selct Bookmarks and show bookmarks bar. To add content to these bars you can simply click and drag the link to the bar.