Taking Control of Tech in Your Home

Tech Tips & Digital Safety for Parents

Getting a Handle on Apps & Social Media

Technology is ever changing - let's get together and review what new issues have popped up as they are sure to impact our kids. We'll discuss setting boundaries now that will help stave off some of the problems we're seeing in middle school and beyond, do a quick app update/review and talk about strategies for monitoring tech usage and keeping kids safer both online and off.

Handouts on monitoring options for your children's devices will be provided.

As always, we'll be talking about how kids process information and speaking frankly about online offenders and their tactics, so this session is not suitable for children.

Taking Control of Tech in Your Home

Thursday, March 14th, 12:30-1pm

Southwest R-V, MO, USA


We will convene at the middle school gym, but elementary and high school parents are, of course, welcome.

Jennifer Schiffman, DigiDiva Dialogs

Ms. Schiffman served as a civilian member of the MO Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force for eight years and spent five years as the prevention specialist for the unit. As the founder of DigiDivaDialogs she trains students, parents and professionals throughout the state on digital issues and social media usage.