MASD Update

November 24, 2021

Health & Safety Update

We approach the winter break thankful for the opportunity to maintain our overall instructional program throughout these first months of school. Despite COVID-19 case numbers rising once again, we have been fortunate to be able to press forward with a focus on our mission of teaching and learning each day.

At the same time, fostering a healthy environment remains a priority. This includes remaining up-to-date on guidance and protocols from federal, state, and local levels. Most recently, this has involved tracking updates from our Governor and the courts as well as vaccination recommendations from health agencies.

Just a few weeks ago, our youngest learners began to benefit from access to COVID vaccine availability for children ages 5-11. Additionally, there is now widespread availability of booster vaccines for adults. Both of these mitigation techniques come at a great time as our active positive case counts increase.

Looking ahead to the next month, we plan to maintain our current mask requirement through the winter break. This will provide families additional time to facilitate vaccinations for their youngest children, should they so choose. This will also provide adults additional time to obtain booster vaccinations. Not only will vaccination support the health of individuals, it also aids in keeping our schools open by minimizing the need to quarantine. Upon return from winter break, we will reassess our mask requirement in the hopes of moving to a "mask optional" environment in early to mid January.

While individuals should always consult their doctor, we support everyone eligible for vaccination or a booster to obtain one. This will not only help create healthy spaces within our schools; but, will also help protect individuals from the need to quarantine in the event of exposure. Visit this link to find information about vaccine distribution in our area:

Thank you for your continued support!

Hurricane Make-up Day

As you know, we closed school on September 1st due to inclement weather associated with the remains of Hurricane Ida moving through our region.

We will make-up this school day with in-person instruction for students on April 13, 2022. All staff and students should report to school on that day.

Plans for Winter Weather

As the season grows colder, we look ahead to the potential for inclement weather impacting our school schedule.

Delayed Starts

All buildings will utilize a two-hour delay schedule when appropriate to the weather conditions and forecast. Transportation will run exactly two hours later than normal.

School Closures

We will approach school closures utilizing two different types of days - traditional make-up days and Flexible Instructional Days.

  • Closure #1 - as noted above, our first make-up day will occur on April 13th as a result of the school closure on September 1st

  • Closure #2 - if we have a second cancelled day, we will make-up that day of school in-person on June 10th. There will be no remote activities on the cancelled day.

  • Closure #3 - if we have a third cancelled day, we will make-up that day of school in-person on April 14th. There will be no remote activities on the cancelled day.

  • Additional Closures - we will utilize Flexible Instructional Days (FIDs) for any additional school closures. This will involve students engaging in remote learning on the inclement weather day. Buildings will communicate additional details should we approach this necessity.
2021-2022 District Calendar

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