Radio Waves

One of the electomagnetic waves on the EM spectrum

What are Radio Waves?

These waves are considered EM waves. Radio waves can be used in many different ways. Your television, wireless internet, radio, and garage door openers all use radio waves to function. The frequency range is <3x10^11 Hz. The wavelength ranges >1mm. The video below is a summary of radio waves and how they function. The video below is a summary of how radio waves work and examples of radio waves.

New Technology: Wireless Pressure Sensor

This technology uses a thin layer of specially designed rubber between two pieces of copper. The copper strips act as radio antennas, and the rubber is the insulator. This technology involves beaming of radio waves in the rubber copper sandwich. When it comes under pressure, the copper antennas squeeze the rubber to move it closer together. This change causes the frequency of the radio waves reflected by the antennas to slow down and when pressure is relaxed ,the radio waves accelerate in frequency. This device has been used on lab rats, and will eventually be used on humans for touch sensitive skin for prosthetic devices. It will one day help patients with severe brain trauma. This sensor is also hoped to one day track packages and monitor health conditions .Professor Zhenan Bao and Stanford engineering team members Lisa Chen, Benjamin C-K Tee, and Alex Chortos invented this device, and was officially discovered on October 9th, 2014. The link below these pictures is an article and video about this technology and how it was made.