Dazzling Daisies

January 2016

Happy almost SPRING ladies!

You guys had an amazing year in 2015 and I m going to celebrate some of that here in this news letter!

Ready Set Sell is in full swing! What's your goal? This company is AMAZING for offering us such great rewards for just partying!! Check TOT for all the details and get that FREE stuff ladies!

What are your goals for 2016? I know mine and have written them down. A goal is just a dream if it isn't written down. ;)

Please read-lots of information inside this newsletter! :)

"Knowing is not enough;
We must apply.
Willing is not enough;
We must do.”

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

The easy way to bookings! (from Shari Hudspeth)

Our goal with our party presentation should be to build desire around buying product, booking a party and joining our team. Remember our guests show up at our parties with this mantra in their head: I'm not spending more than $30, I am not booking a party and I'm not going to sign up to sell! We have thirty minutes to change their mind about all of that.

Here are some easy ways to ensure they are at the very least, interested in hosting a party before we even ask.

  1. Get to know them as individuals and build rapport before the presentation begins.
  2. Thank the hostess in front of her friends and make a big deal of how awesome she was to work with. Be specific. For instance, "May, you were absolutely fantastic to work with! You personally invited your guests right away, reminded them yesterday and made this yummy cheesecake. Thank you! You really are the star of the show tonight!"
  3. Ask the hostess what she is going to use her half priced items and free product for. Number two and three are booking seeds. Booking seeds should be so subtle they don't know they heard them. In two and three we were simply making the hostess feel special and she was just sharing what she wants for free. They also get our guests to start thinking about the benefit of hosting a party.
  4. Engage your guests. The days of a 30 minute monologue are gone. These women are too stressed out to sit and listen for 30 minutes. We have to engage them. My party cards are a great way to make your presentation interactive. (They also plant over 20 booking seeds for you!) Whatever presentation you do, be sure they are participating by answering questions, finding things in the catalog and offering suggestions. ENGAGE! Stack the hostess. Pick a pretend hostess and literally put what an average hostess would receive for hosting a party in her hands.

Get ready for spring y'all! :)

TOT has everything lines up and ready for us to succeed this fall! There is a section on thirtyonetoday.com all to itself called "How to market Spring-Summer 2016" and it's where you can go all season long!

Don't forget that you have until the 20th to order the add-on kit and earn the Ready Set Sell incentive! (RSS)

Thirty-One also has a YouTube channel. You must go to youtube.com and search for Thirty-One Gifts and subscribe to our channel. There they will share different videos for products and etc that we can share all season long. :)

Ladies, it's all about the hostesses and making it the easiest for them to get these amazing hostess benefits that this company has. Find out what chapter of the catalog she wants and bring only those items. Or bring a solution set from each chapter. Make our "job" look easy and fun! TOT also has the videos of these presentations for us to watch and they help a lot.

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Stephanie C. Bushong, Independent Senior Director

I am a mom of three kids, Craig, 9, Blakely, 6, and Cooper, 3, and work full time from home for Blue Cross Blue Shield of SC. Eddie and I have been married for almost 18 years, and been together 23 years. I have been a 31 consultant since May 2009, when I decided I needed to get out of this house! :) Thirty-One has given me the ability to grow as a person and do things that I wouldn't have done before. I hope to help you guys get exactly what you need from Thirty-One! :)

Important dates:

February 1st is the start of the new spring catalog! :) WOO HOO!

February field events are happening the week of February 20th through February 27th. You don't want to miss this FREE training that home office gives us! :)

Monthly Numbers: December

Total team sales:


Top consultant in sales:

Kari Keyser $1912.94

Top partier:

Kari Keyser $1113.00

Way to go ladies! :)

A year in review ;)

So we had an amazing team sales number for 2015!! Our amazing Dazzling Daisies team sold $123.698.11!!!!! No matter how busy your life outside Thirty-One was, you guys still partied! You shared these amazing products and this amazing company with so many ladies! I'm SO proud of you all!

For the top consultants of the year on our team, they are as follows:

Top sales: Kari Keyser with $12,065.45!

Top Dream Builder: Jacki Cobb and Sara Dewitt-both with 5 recruits (tied with yours truly!)

Top partier: Nicole Singleton with 25 parties!

Welcome to the team! :)

We haven't added anyone for December or this month so far, but be sure that they get to our Facebook group when they do join. ;)


Also, once we are friends on Facebook, I will get you added to Holly's (our SED) and Martine's (our NED) Facebook lineage pages. They are great ways to have questions answered or just have resources out there for us! :)

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December and January:


Amanda Vines 18th

Carmen Klump 27th


No birthdays :)

Happy belated birthday y'all! :)

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Anniversaries in December and January:


No anniversaries


Jacki Cobb 30th

Jill Hawley 10th


A great spring season is as easy as 3-3-2-1! :)

I am here to share with and challenge you for the next 28 days to do this(it will become a habit), since I will be doing it as well. As most of you know, I am a mom of three kids and work full time for Blue Cross Blue Shield. I am very limited on time and have found my business slowing down a little. It's hard for me to find time some days to do Thirty-One....but as shared by Yvonne Denslow, it's a new 3-3-2-1 process which only takes about 15 minutes a day!! That is just one break for me from BCBS.

3-Text/Facebook message 3 people either about booking or those that want to join
3-Follow up with previous messages from above
2-Add 2 new people to your list of 62 per day/every day
1-One Facebook post in your private group every day

So I will be touching base all month to see how your progress is, and I wish you all luck! Let's get this ball rolling! We are an amazing team-let's show the world our beauty!!

And a great quote to remind us of life's simplicity

"Always have something beautiful in sight, even if it's just a daisy in a jelly glass."
— H. Jackson Brown Jr.