Regional Studies

5 Themes of Geography

5 Themes of Geography of Poland
-Absolute Location:52 00 N, 20 00
-Relative Location: Central Europe,east of Germany
  • Physical Characteristics: Poland is mostly lowland with almost no mountainous places. Poland tallest mountain is Rysy. Poland has many national parks that cover 1% of their country.It is the 9th largest country in Europe and 63rd in the world.
  • Human Characteristics:Poland has an important and education system.. Children start at the age of six then go through three classes of education (like grade school, junior high, and high school).Poland’s capital,Warsaw has a 600 year old church and a 700 year old royal castle.
Human Environment Interaction:Poland has almost no natural borders because it is mostly flatland. This meant that Poland was constantly conquered by neighboring nations. They found that most of Poland’s River water was very contaminated and could not be used for irrigation, and much river life had perished.

  • People; People in Poland get around their country in many ways. There the transportation is by car, train, and Poland’s national airline, LOT. This helps Polish people get around from city to city in a fast way.
  • Goods; Since the downfall of Communism, Poland has become a healthy economy and is the leading exporter of food in the EU. Goods include electronics, cars, and helicopters.
  • Ideas; Poland had recently had a huge expansion of home and cell phone use. Poland has become almost uniformly Roman Catholic.
Region:Eastern Europe, Northeast Europe.

World War II

Poland played a big role during World War II because on September 1 1939 Germany invaded Poland which sets off World War II.
Poland did not take Germany or Russia's side , it was trying to fight for themselves and stay together as one.
5 Purposes of Government

  • The Government is supposed to protect your personal & natural rights, he is also supposed to protect you from outside forces he failed there because Germany invaded and there was nothing they could do about it they were completely taken over. In the Ghettos was the only place where they protected you from outside forces and the Government tried hard to meet the purposes by taking care of the people in that small place.
Keep Order
  • The Government is supposed to ensure rules and regulations are followed, those rules weren’t even looked at when Germany invaded and completely took over.
Solving Conflict
  • Government should serve as mediators, laws, courts again all that disappeared when Germany invaded under Hitler, people were left little choice.
Good Economy
  • Because of this invasion money had less value, people didn’t work that much because they couldn’t No economy money wasn’t good and Poland’s land was getting smaller because of Germany and other countries trying to take over.
  • The government should provide police, firefighters, schools, libraries, roads, and taxes but a lot of stuff was shut down and the Government couldn’t do anything about it.

Post World War II (1945-1960)

During the post world war people in Poland redraw borders, there was a new political authority, economic instability, and religious homogeneity marked the new Poland of 1945-47.

Economy in Post-War Poland
Poland's urban centers were devastated as a result of war. Many people were left homeless, children orphaned. The rate of illness and infection increased. Prices were high, wages were low, and everyday supplies were difficult to get.
Poland joined the Warsaw Pact the other members were
Soviet Union, Albania (until 1968), Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia,East Germany (until 1990)
, Hungary, Romania. The Warsaw pact was a mutual defense treaty between eight communist states of Eastern Europe in existence during the Cold War

Cold War(1960-1989)

The Polish Communist Party elected the liberal Wladyslaw Gomulka as replacement First Secretary in October 1956.
The 1960s and 1970s there was a steady decline in Gomulka's power,often including open confrontations, from intellectuals, the church, and the workers; and, finally, the near-collapse of the Polish economy.
They were taken over so the leader that invaded spread Communism because they were for it.
Yes they were victims of Soviet Russia.
5 purposes of Government:
  • The government again failed to keep out other forces and Poland got taken over yet again.
Keep Order:
  • Instead of Government ensuring the rules Soviet Russia did instead so the Government failed there.
Solving Conflict:
  • The government did not serve any mediators or anything because of being taken over and not being able to do anything.
Good Economy:
  • Poland went back to having a bad economy less value again in the markets, and by getting taken over they were getting weaker.
  • The police,taxes,libraries,schools all were either shut down or controlled by Soviet Russia,not meeting the five purposes.