Mistura Culinary Festival

By: Damien Maynard

Where and Why the Festival is Held.

The Mistura Culinary Festival takes place during the first two weeks of September every year. The festival is held in Lima and has been held there since 2008. This festival is the biggest culinary festival in South America and is held to show and give a good understanding of the all the different types of Peruvian foods. Restaurants prepare their signature dish. It also grows bigger every year with more people coming and more types of food.


Over the two week span the Mistura Culinary Festival has about 300 to 500 thousand people come and visit every year. This festival attracts a number of different people including chefs that prepare their signature dish for the visitors and all of the people that come willing to try new foods and have new experiences.

Some Top Restaurants


In Spanish the word "mistura" means mixtures. When it used in the name of this festival is means that there is a large mixture of different cultures in this festival. It also means that each group has their own traditions and will do different things. A tradition that every restaurant follows is that they prepare their own signature dish. Other traditions that are there would be parades and certain types of performances.

Music and Food

Musicians play their music from time to time in the park area. While music is played in the park during the day, at night there are concerts. Every year they have a children group sing in a concert of some sort. While there is music they also competitions that can vary from music to food or even actions. The Mistura Culinary Festival's main attraction is the food because their is so many different kinds. The foods vary from desserts, farmers crops, or restaurants signature dishes.
Mistura Peru - The Power of Food