2015 Fashion Marketing Review

Han Nguyen

Michael Kors

Michael Kors is very successful in 2015. Michael Kors use social media to spread their brand and style across the globe. Also, Michael Kors ask fans on twitter, instagram, facebook (etc.) to upload photos their handbags.


Burberry have a strong presence on social media. It was shows that Burberry was the number one brand on Twitter during Fashion Week. Buberry commanded an 8% share of voice last year, with over 8,000 tweets sent about the brand.


Gap is one of the most recognizable fashion brands in the world. Gap teaming up with Groupon to create an irresistible deal this help increase many customers to shop at Gap. from this campaign alone 441,000 groupons were sold bringing in profit of around $ 11 million.


Dior uses social media to tell a story that builds excitement around their TV spots. Dior use social media as part of wider campaigns to tell stories about their vision for the brand and engage their customer’s imaginations. With over 5.5 million Twitter followers and counting, this storytelling strategy is clearly working for them.


Topshop have been leading the way in digital innovation around fashion week since 2012. Topshop have also created a front row experience for online shoppers and their social media audience. When they set up a live-stream of their catwalk show, enabling viewers to create a customizable catwalk selecting snippets of the catwalk they enjoyed, and share their favorite outfits in real-time on Facebook.