The Power of Gratitude

Hillis Pugh

Interview with Rebecca Gordon

If you're anything like me, a typical day may be spent creating, planning, travelling, working and generally getting caught up in much of the activities that are synonymous with daily modern life.

In today's show get encouraged to slow down and smell the roses along the path of life, so that you live life in a more gratifying manner. Understand your role as a Creator and how to let your soulful, higher self come through with gratitude in practice.

Hillis Pugh joins Rebecca in The Coaching Lounge to discuss these concepts. He explains why it is essential to incorporate gratitude into everything you do. Understand how the ego can present itself to interrupt the natural flow of abundance and hear Hillis' perspective that he also shares through is blog, Thank you Thursday.


The Power of Gratitude by Satellitelifecoaching

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