Horseshoe crabs and there effects

By: Mira Franzman


  • common name is Horseshoe crab and

scientific name is Limulus Polyphemus

  • have a hard exoskeleton,ten walking legs under shell,spines on the abdomen and long tail, three sections, head,abdomen,tail.
  • females are larger than males in size males are 14-15 inches females 18-19
  • they are brown
  • eggs are laid on coastal beaches in late spring and summer, then when they hatch they can be found offshore on the sandy ocean floor of tidal flats, adults feed deeper in the ocean until ready to mate.
  • they are found in the atlantic ocean along the north american coastline.
  • like to eat worms and clams
  • they eat by there mouth near there legs and the legs help to grind the food
  • During full and new moons and high tides in May and June, hundreds of thousands of horseshoe crabs converge on the Delaware Bay to breed.