"What's Happening in Math Class?!"

Unit 7: Multiplication and Division of Fractions

Unit Learning Expectations

1.) Represent and solve multiplication of a fraction with a whole number using pictorial models and the standard algorithm.

2.) Represent and solve division of a fraction by a whole number and division of a whole number by a fraction using pictorial models and the standard algorithm.

3.) Simplify numerical expressions using the order of operations.

4.) Reduce fractions to simplest terms.

5.) Convert an improper fraction to a mixed number and convert a mixed number to an improper fraction.

6.) Estimate to determine solutions to real-world problems.

Sample questions….

1.) Stan spent 2/3 hour washing dishes on Monday. Stan washed dishes for the same amount of time on Tuesday and Wednesday. How much time did Stan spend washing dishes during these three days ?

2.) Ronald poured 5/6 ounce of vinegar into each of ten test tubes to use in an experiment for science class. How many ounces of vinegar did Ronald pour ?

3.) Connell worked on his social studies project for 9 nights. He worked ¾ hour each night. How many hours did Connell work on his project during the 9 nights ?

4.) Sandra’s mom has ½ of a pot of soup left over after dinner. She wants to divide it into 6 equal servings for lunch the next day. What fractional part of the original pot of soup does each serving of leftover soup represent?

5.) Five children visited Grandma and Grandpa after school. Grandma served the children cookies and milk. Grandma divided ½ gallon of milk into five equal glasses for the children. What fractional part of a gallon of milk did each child get?

6.) Marie uses ¼ of a pitcher of lemonade to fill each of 5 matching glasses. What fraction of the pitcher does Marie use to fill one glass?

7.) Shelly has 3 pounds of ground beef. She needs 1/3 pound of ground beef to make one Sloppy Joe. How many Sloppy Joe’s can Shelly make?

8.) Kim is making candles for her friends. She has 5 pounds of candle wax. She needs ¼ of a pound to make one candle. How many candles can Kim make?