The Plumber

Dominique Pham


I as the plumber, am a person who installs and repairs popes and fittings of water supply systems. Outside of my job as a plumber, through my day I enjoys observing the rain. I elaborately checks the weather, when it rains I immediately stops everything and sit to watch and listen to the rain. I enjoys tracing the piping system in his home and collecting rain from my roof.


On my days off I like mainly enjoys watching the weather forecast. Occasionally I like to watch bathroom design shows to observe how the plumbing spaces are placed. But when it begins to rain I can't help but stop and sit either outside or next to a window to listen and watch the rain falling from the sky. Seeing the rain roll smoothing down the glass windows and listening to the soothing taping of the water hitting the concrete floors make more feel the most at peace in my day.


Yesterday I went to a Mexican fast food placed called Costa Vida. I was driving past when I saw the place and the logo or a beach wave. Inside they had a delicious sweet pork enchiladas, but I mainly enjoyed eating there because inside they had this clear glass with water constantly flowing down. Being able to always watch the water flow even without rain and eat a yummy meal is one of the most satisfying thing for me.


Today I decided to buy a brand new fancy shower head. It's been a while since I changed out my shower head to a new clean one. This time I think I'm going to also try a new style shower head, on the is placed parallel to the ground instead of angled to get the rain feel. Although this shower head isn't hand help it is a 6-way adjustable Extension Arm. It is also a 9.5 inch high pressure rainfall shower head.

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A coastal resort town in Mexico, Playa del Carmen that's where I want to go! It is ranked as the #1 best beaches in Mexico! Known for its palm-lined beaches and coral reefs, I think this place is the definition of vacation. It allows me to relax and although I love the rain I believe this beach will give me a new view of natural water flow.


I'm so excited that the weekend is finally here! After a long week of work I checked the weather and It's going to be sunny through the weekend, so I decided to go out this weekend. I'm going to The Dallas World Aquarium! Not only am I looking forward to the animals but also the massive tanks! I hope to discover how they keep the water clean and what plumbing devices they use to keep water flowing!