Persephone and Demeter

By Riley, Sabrina and Samantha

Plot Summary

There was a young girl named Persephone the daughter of Demeter. She was a very optimistic girl and she always stuck by her mothers side. One day Hades the god of the underworld saw her and decided he wanted to marry her but knew he could never convince Demeter to let him. So Hades decided to kidnapp her when she was separted from her mother. Persephone was minding her own buisness away from her mother when suddenly Hades popped out from underground and grabbed her. persephone screamed and cried as the ground closed and they were on there way to the underworld. Hades offered for Persephone to eat some fruit and she would'nt budge. Back on Earth Demeter searched and searched for Persephone but could not find her, it was cold, dark and dead because Demeters sadness made all the crops die and flowers wilt. . A man told Demeter that he had seen a girl being dragged down underground and Demeter knew right away it was Hades with Persephone. She went up to Zeus and demanded to have Persephone let out. Zeus sent Hermes to get Persephone but she had eaten a seed from the death pomegranate so Persophone had to go back to Hades 1 onth for every seed she had eaten every year.