DC Staff Update

10 January 2016

I'm grateful this week for...

  • Such a calm and easy start to the new term
  • The quick focus back on student learning and wellbeing
  • The care shown to those staff who have decided not to come back in August

staffing update

To repeat my email from last week, those teaching colleagues who have chosen to move on at the end of this academic year are:

  • Emma Bladen (PYP)
  • Laura Stewart (PYP) and Pete
  • Lyn Coote (Primary VP) and Yook
  • Miranda O'Brien (Drama)
  • Amanda Yan (HEC)
  • Philip Burrage (Science) and Mona
  • Ophelia Bou (English)
  • Dorothy Ip (Chinese)
  • Gabbie Belcher (Chinese)

We are currently in the process of interviewing prospective teachers for next year, and have completed the following appointments:

  • Claire Nicols (PYP)
  • Katie Warner (PYP)
  • Michael Stafford (PYP)
  • Maura Corcoran (Secondary Teacher Librarian)

Staff Handbook

The Staff Handbook has been updated to include the latest ESF Responsible Use of ICT Policy. You can find the latest version of the Staff Handbook on the College server at Resources > College > Staff Handbook.

We recommend that you update the copy on your own laptop for reference to all DC, ESF and relevant EDB policies, as well as the latest staff contact lists.

This week

We have well over 200 pre-schoolers in this coming Monday-Thursday for the 2016 Year 1 admissions ....a huge job ahead for many of our primary colleagues. The children will be accompanied by many anxious parents. Please make them feel welcome if you see them.
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