Fort Worth gazette

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Native Americans revolt agents assimilation!

September 15 1887 page 2 of gazette news paper

This paper was about a really of native Americans that started a protest to keep there heritage alive the speaker in he really doesn't want the Indian population to conform to the "invaders" and says all of this in his own native toung.

Populism/ farmers revolt

Community factories and mills yielded to large businesses. Newly dubbed "Queen City of the prairies " Fort Worth supplies a regional market via the growth transportation nerwork.

Fort Worth had realized the city fathers dreams of becoming a rail hub, with a number of lines serving the city.

What is happening in the U.S.

To the people of America the U.S. Flag is a sine of hope but to some of the native Americans it is a sine of fear and sadness because thay still have to live under the country that stole their land and murdered their families and put in prisons called "reservations". The only way we can cleanse our past is to first rewrite the ronges to the natives and help stop this in the future then we can start to wipe this country clean of the evils we have done.
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