Amongst Leaders

Invite only. Leaders only.

The concept

Amongst Leaders is a small get together with senior level and up and coming founders, investors and creators in a non traditional venue (can be a cafe, a library, a mansion, a barbershop, etc.). This intimate event can pop up in any city in this beautiful world.

Each event has a theme, drinks, food and good stories and good people.

Upcoming cities

Each gathering aims at a nice crowd of 30 people and we always try to have a good mix of women and men. The gatherings are not for free and will require an invite and a contribution (between 30-50 USD) and includes drinks, food and good people.

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Amongst Leaders is a personal, for fun not for profit, initiative by Patrick de Laive, co-founder of The Next Web. It's a multi city low key event and is in no way affiliated with the unparalleled TNW conferences.

Work hard, play hard.

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