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Friday, January 8th, 2016

No School NEXT Friday for Students (1/15)

Welcome Back!

Hello everyone! I hope you had a restful and relaxing vacation. It was great to come back to school, as I truly missed each and every one of my students. This week, we wasted no time. We jumped right back into learning! Let me fill you in...

Math: We are learning addition. Students are learning how to add with their fingers, with manipulatives, and also by drawing pictures. This will be a skill we practice the rest of the year. We are also learning about greater than/less than with numbers. Students will see two numbers and should be able to tell me which number is greater. They will also see two amounts of objects and should be able to tell me which group has less.

Reading: This week we learned about the letters Dd and Kk. Although most of the students have mastered their letter names and sounds, we are learning how to sound out words with these letters. The students helped me spell out the following words (using this website: dog, dock, dip, dot, dim, dash, dig, den, dab, dad, dud. The letter Kk is a little more difficult, as they often come up with words that actually start with Cc. Our sight words this week were "green, big, go, look." We enjoyed using these in our journal writing!
Next week: Letter Ff and words: in, it, eight, they

Instead of learning about science/social studies, we spent this time of our day taking our pretests for third quarter. Students were tested on rhyming, blending words, sight words, writing letters and numbers, writing their first and last name correctly, identifying the greater number, measurement, and counting.


Thank you so much for allowing your children to bring in Dd and Kk items for show-n-tell this week! We were introduced to keys, kickballs, and some neatly named Pokemon cards that started with "Kk." We also had children bring in dolls, dice, and a dog named Delilah (see picture).

Next week's letter: Ff! Please allow your children to bring in an item for the letter Ff that fits in their backpack. Thank you!

Can your child read this?

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Mrs. Myers' will be out Tuesday and Wednesday (1/12-1/13)

Welcome to our newest student: Aidenn W!

Rainbow Wall News

I can tell that students were practicing their Rainbow Words over vacation! We had a few students earn a new spot on the wall this week. Please help me congratulate the following students for their sight word success:
  • Red: Aidenn Williams
  • Yellow: Ashley Joiner
  • Blue: Ja'Qwann Edwards
  • Pink: Courtnee Maddox

Remarkable Readers!

In addition to the letters and sight words we learn each day in our reading series, we have leveled reading books many of our students read as well. Students are currently reading on their own independent reading levels. Some students are reading on a level A, while others may be reading as high as a level G. When a student reads 10-15 books on their current level, they get to move up to the next reading level. I am proud to announce that the following students have moved up to the next level on their reading growth chart! Please help me give a shout-out to these awesome readers:
  • Courtnee Maddox
  • Zani Rigby
  • Ashley Joiner
  • Joseph Naylor
  • Jaylan Velez
  • Landon Strick
  • Xavier Derr

Nurses are in Need

A letter came home in folders on Thursday about donations for the nurses at our school. If you can provide any of the items below, they would greatly appreciate it!

  • pants & shirts (sizes 4-14)
  • socks (must be new, not used)
  • underwear (must be new)