Animals: furry or fuzzy, cat or Dog

They're mammals with feelings, just like me and You.


Animals should be treated like human. "Why should a shedding animal be treated like me?" You might ask. Well if they are then you can have a good best friend. There would be more species to learn about. Also less animals would go extinct.

Animals can be a great best friend

If you treat animals like humans than an animal would like you a lot more. "Why would I want a hyper animal as a best friend?" You might also ask. I think that animal best friends are better. Well because animals won't cause drama since they can't talk. Also if you're hurt, sad, scared, or mad animals will sense it and comfort you. For example my aunt is watching a dog. If my aunts daughters is sad the dog won't leave her side.

New species

It would be amazing to have some new species on earth! There would be larger zoos for people to go to. But people will have treat animals like humans, if they animals to have homes and not be lonely. In my opinion I think that most animals kids already know about. So if there are new species then there would be more animals to learn about.

Less Extinction

Humans don't eat each other. So they shouldn't eat animals. What have the animals done to you. One thing I learned at my old school is that most sharks think that you're a fish from the way you swim. So they shouldn't be getting killed for mistaking you or someone else for a fish.

Overpopulation (opposing view)

A bad thing about animals being treated like human is that there would be overpopulation of animals. Overpopulation of animals means that there are to many of that species. They would start running out of food then start eating something that they shouldn't. So if they eat something that they shouldn't then they can get sick. It would also be very dangerous, if a dangerous species overpopulates.


In conclusion, animals should be treated like human. One of the three reasons is because if they are then they can be a best friend. There could be new species, which would mean more animals to see. But mostly because animals that might be someone's favorite might be getting abused. So we need to treat animals properly not like there a bag of trash. Animals are just like us and need to be treated just like us.


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