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VOLUME 4, NUMBER 6: July 26, 2022

Message from the Principal . . . UPDATE #2

Corner Middle School Families,

Today is the second installment in a series of updates containing information you will need in preparation for the opening of the new school year. Yesterday, I shared copies of the Jefferson County Schools Student and Parent Handbook, as well as the key changes and additions in the document. A couple of those came in the section of "Dress and Grooming Guidelines."

This update looks at the areas of concern when it comes to dress code at CMS. Families, please listen to the video we have posted below and take a moment to look at the sections below.

Please remember, the Board’s dress and grooming guidelines are intended to promote and foster an appropriate educational environment by minimizing unnecessary distractions and permitting students to focus on academic progress. We are also working to help prepare your student for his or her transition into a world after they complete their secondary education.

Looking ahead . . .

  • Wednesday, July 27th Cell Phone and Digital Media Policy
  • Thursday, July 28th Chromebook Information
  • Friday, July 29th Schedules
  • Saturday, July 30th FAQs and Grab Bag Topics
  • Sunday, July 31st Regular Weekly Buzz
  • Monday, August 1st Morning Drop Off / Afternoon Pick-Up
  • Tuesday, August 2nd Registration Follow-Up / Updates
  • Wednesday, August 3rd Health and Medical Updates
  • Thursday, August 4th Bus Information
  • Friday, August 5th Attendance Information
  • Saturday, August 6th Child Nutrition / Cafeteria Information
  • Sunday, August 7th Regular Weekly Buzz
  • Monday, August 8th Last Minute Reminders

Due to our receipt of regularly changing information and district updates, this information release schedule is subject to change. Thank you for your continued support of your student, our faculty and staff, and the administration of Corner Middle School! Enjoy your week!

Michael Manning


Corner Middle School

The Dress Code at CMS . . . Thoughts From the Administration

Dress Code Updates for 2022-2023

Breaking Down Key Sections of the Dress Code

New Rule on Wearing Hoods in the Building

1. Hats, caps, hair picks, bandanas, visors, and sunglasses must be removed and placed in the locker or designated area and remain during the school day. Students may not wear a hood during the school day.

The key change to a rule that has been in place for a very long time is the last sentence of the rule. Students, HOODS MAY NOT BE WORN DURING THE SCHOOL DAY. This specifically applies to when you are in the buildings. If it is six degrees outside or raining, we will never prevent you from wearing a hood. You, however are responsible for removing the hood upon entering the school buildings. You are responsible. Repeated instructions from teachers will result in a dress code violation and eventually a write-up for defiance.

Piercings Can Be an Issue Coming Out of Long Breaks

2. Earrings may be worn. Except for the normal piercing of the ears and wearing of earrings that do not distract or draw unnecessary attention, the wearing of other body piercing jewelry is not allowed, including but not limited to the tongue, nose, or eyebrow. Band-Aids may not be worn to conceal unauthorized jewelry. Materials such as plastic or wooden sticks or clear loops may not be worn to keep new piercings open during the school day. If it is determined by a school principal or designee that allowable earrings or jewelry worn by a student may become a safety hazard in an activity such as physical education, science laboratory, athletics, etc., the student shall remove such ornamentation.

Please remember that earrings are permitted to be worn by both female and male students. Earrings. Other visible piercings that were obtained on vacation over the summer are not allowed by district policy. This also applies to imitation piercings.

Wear your clothes how they were designed to be worn

3. Students are to wear clothing in the manner for which it is designed. Pants must be worn at the waist.

Students tend to cause a disruption in class in violating this part of the Code by doing one of several things:

  • Pulling shirts, pullovers, jackets, or other items over their heads.
  • Wearing clothes backwards
  • "Busting a sag"

Avoid receiving a dress code violation by simply wearing clothes as they are designed to be worn.

Add a Layer to avoid a Dress Code Violation

4. Sun dresses and backless dresses or tops will be worn with a jacket or appropriate covering. (Jacket or covering may not be sheer or mesh).

An issue of clothes worn in a manner in which undergarments are exposed or are perhaps too revealing can be solved by simply wearing a jacket, sweater, button-up shirt, or other clothing item on top.

Being Stylish and Staying in Dress Code

5. Cutoff tops, tank tops, and mesh tops can be worn if a T-shirt with sleeves is worn underneath or another shirt is worn over the top. (Cover shirt or undershirt may not be sheer or mesh).

Avoid This . . .

6. Back, chest, and midriff must be covered.

This applies to all students -- both male and female -- as well as members of the faculty and staff.

And these . . .

7. Bracelets, belts, and other clothing and accessories with spikes, studs, or chains are not allowed.

8. Insignias, buttons, clothing, backpacks, or other articles of personal property, which are suggestive of alcohol, tobacco, vulgarities and violence, are drug-related, or are demeaning to other persons are not allowed at school or during school-sponsored events.

While it may be stylish, studded belts or bracelets in the wrong hands with wrong intentions could injure someone. And #8 . . . we are better than this.

Holey Moley . . . The Headache of Holey and Shredded Jeans/Shorts

9. No open holes or shreds in pants above the knee.

Ahhhh. Our daily headache. Back in the day, you were made fun of for being poor for having holes in your pants. Mom or Grandma worked furiously to patch up those britches. Now we pay good money for them. This is not a judgment in your style selection for your students, families. It is the rule.

Help us avoid inconveniencing you by removing your student from class by just adhering to the policy. Below are pictures of what is not permissible. We will not provide tape to cover pants in violation of the code this year. Thanks for your assistance.

Making Sure You Select a Shirt, Jacket, or Top Of Appropriate Length.

10. Clothing must be worn over leggings/jeggings or tights and must be of appropriate length (no shorter than mid-thigh).

CMS Families, please make sure the top comes down to mid-thigh over leggings or tights. Thank you!

An even bigger headache than torn or shredded jeans? Short/Skirt length!

11. Articles of clothing must be appropriate for school wear. Skirts, dresses, and shorts may be no shorter than four inches above the top of the knee, except that students in Grades K-3 may wear shorts appropriate for school. Slits in skirts must meet the four inches above the knee regulation.

Families, this rule is broken by both girls and guys. When a question about short, skirt, or dress length arises, the school measures from the "hollow" of the knee in the back. Four inches. I understand it may be a challenge for tall kids. I have tall kids. The rule doesn't make an exception for tall people.

This rule applies to co-curricular events (awards ceremonies, dances, Homecoming, etc.). Please help us avoid an awkward situation by enforcing this policy at an event like those listed above. Thank you!

Protect Your Feet at All Cost!

12. Shoes appropriate to the school setting, with student safety the primary concern, must be worn at all times.

Avoid wearing shoes that can get you hurt in a stairwell, hallway, or outside. Wear appropriate shoes for PE. No open-toed shoes.

Bags Must Be in Lockers or Designated Areas

13. Book bags/backpacks and athletic bags must be placed in the locker or designated area and remain there during the school day unless approved otherwise by an administrator. Backpacks/book bags may not have wheels unless written approval is given by a physician due to medical reasons or by permission of the school administrator as deemed necessary as described in this handbook in Healthcare Services.

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