Nuclear Bomb Survivial Guide

*amount of days we need to survive*


We're building at the Grand Canyon because the rock walls provide protection, springs supply water, and the environment has good supplies to take into shelter.


Shelter walls will be layered with steal, concrete, and thick layers of lead to protect from any gamma rays. (Gamma rays are the highest form of radiation, and can travel the farthest through air and even a little bit of lead layering)

-shelter and clothing layers will protect us from alpha and beta rays, but if we go outside, it will require us to wear more layers of dry clothes and turnout gear

-bunker will be sealed, so we need to filter oxygen through the air conditioning/filters. We can purchase oxygen tanks that will last for needed time.

Food sources:

We plan to bring lots of water bottles to drink, as well as using water from the spring underneath our bunker. To eat, we will have pre-packaged food stored, in addition to growing vegetables in a green house.

Waste 😣

For restrooms, we will use a port-a-potty waste system to "store" and convert waste into fertilizer as we will use it in the green house to fertilize our vegetables. (Some waste will be ejected out of the bunker)