Chandler Preschool and PDO Update

November 12 Update

Upcoming Events

  • Club's Choice Fundraising orders has been extended until TUESDAY, Nov. 17! The online store will be open through December 15. This is our ONE fundraiser for the year to help pay for special events, guest speakers, etc. Club's Choice is a great company with great products--especially the cookie dough :0) There are still a few books available on the counter--grab one Tuesday or go online for the non-frozen items.
  • Go to: and use the code CHAN29.
  • Holiday days sign up continues! Sign up by Nov. 17 for the $25 a day rate. Please email Lorie if you plan on signing up OR if you plan on using your Club's Choice reward to claim a free day. WE need at least 13 kids each day to have the days!!! We are a bit short. If you have forgotten to sign up, please do so now! Email Lorie and let her know you plan to attend. You can pay next week (or if you need a few days to get the $ in, that is ok. But sign up to confirm dates and lock in the $25 rate).

Earn a free PDO Holiday day!

Share Club's Choice fundraiser packet with your family, sell 15 items, and you earn a FREE holiday PDO day! You choose which day you want to attend for free! Online orders count too. Have family go to and use the code CHAN29.

Welcome Ms. Tiffany and Ms. Irene

Please welcome Tiffany Sobotka to Chandler Baptist Preschool and PDO. Ms. Tiffany is a certified teacher with years of experience in both the PDO/preschool level and in the middle school level. She has been a sub since last year, and we are thrilled to have her expertise in Ms. Kelly's class.

We also welcome back Ms. Irene! Irene, an experienced and returning PDO teacher, has returned from Virginia and will sub for us the remainder of the year. We are positively ecstatic to have her back with us again this year.

We are also happy to announce that Ms. Sarah will continue working with us at Chandler as a sub, as her new work schedule allows.

Brrr....It's Cold! and Snow Day Reminders

Please send heavy jackets/coats and hats/mittens with your child. We will go outside whenever we can to enjoy the play equipment.

Just a reminder that Chandler Preschool and PDO calls off school when Liberty schools cancels due to snow. We are also off on snow days if Kearney Public Schools is off, due to our location. Please check news stations, your email, the church website, our church and/or Preschool Facebook pages during inclement weather. If the roads warrant school being called off even when public schools are attending, we will call you, email you, and announce on Facebook.

Missing cash?

Someone dropped a bill on Tuesday. If you are missing some money that was in a pocket, see Ms. Lorie!