We've been very busy in the Mediaplex. Students have been coming down to work on projects and performance tasks. Students in Mrs. Hess's and Mr. Davis's Math classes have been using the Collaborative Lab to problem solve and use critical thinking skills. Mrs. Douglass's class has also been utilizing the Collaborative Lab working on their Illustrated Myths. Mrs. Majava's students have been taking advantage of the dual screens in the Si-Com lab working on creating book trailers.

Book Fair

Book Fair is going on this week. Students can purchase books and other items from the book fair during their lunch. Teachers can purchase anytime. There are several good deals. Some of the great titles you can find are, Scorch Trials, The Making of a Navy Seal, A Night Divided and All Fall Down.

40 Book Challenge

This year Raymond Park is participating in the 40 Book Challenge. Students and adults alike are asked to read 40 books this school year. After each book individuals can fill out a simple Google form about each book. Prizes will be given out throughout the year. Here is the link to the Google Forms.

Happy Reading and I can't wait to see what everyone is reading!

Here are the totals so far:

5th Grade - 53 books

6th Grade - 41 books

7th Grade - 29 books

8th Grade - 24 books

Staff - 19 books


Here are two tools that allow teachers to create and use interactive video in their classrooms. Great for flipped classrooms and personalized learning.

Edpuzzle - Edpuzzle is a video editing tool that allows teachers to turn videos in to interactive lessons by cropping them, adding audio, and adding questions, short quizzes, and comments.

Educanon - Edcanon is an online learning environment where teachers can create and share video lessons.

Check Out These New Titles