Factory life!

Life in the 1830's

Working at the factories...

The life in the factories in 1830's were awful.They had to get children to work in the factories,the children were barefoot working in the factories with the adults.They worked over 12hours a day.The adults and the children had to both arrive at the factories right on time!!in the 1820 they were about 350,000 factories and in the 1860 there was two million factories.

Women's rights!!

Hard times in the womens life

The womens from the time back then were really hard time they had to work really hard because since they were the womens they had to learn how to work hard and how to clean and do everything because they were the womens.They wanted to have there own rights because it wasnt fair that they had to do alot of work and had to work in the house, tey wante the rights to vote and do everything as the men did too!!The women had been discrimination against them and they wanted to have there own rights, till they did!