Equalania. Where you can start the new life you want as an equal individual.

What kind of people are we looking for?

Equalania is looking for more people who are accepting, not caring about someone's race, religion, or beliefs. More honest and responsible people who will accept their mistakes because in Equalania, as long as you are truthful, you are immediately forgiven. Most importantly, we are not looking for any gossipers because nobody is judged here.

What benefits will you have if you move here?

By having a caring, no judging, responsible, and relatable community, you won't have to worry about your children being bullied at school, you can focus on being a better you, won't have to worry about lies or get judged for anything! You are perfect and will be accepted. Equalania is a perfect environment for raising children and to be free. It is more than easy to make friends with all of our organizations and groups.

How can we achieve together? And what are our laws?

Equalania has carefully crafted laws to protect our people's lives, feelings, and freedom.

Here are our laws:

1.Any rudeness, bullying, or judging of any kind will be handled in an effective fashion- after 3 strikes you will be immediatley kicked out of town.

2. Any murder, robbery, driving under the influence, abuse, or the selling of drugs will have you sent to jail outside of Equalania to be dealt with there. If ever let out of the jail you are located, you are to not come back.

3. Every individual will contribute to the community equally. Everyone will have 1 hour of volunteer work a week starting at the age of 18.

4. Public arguing is unacceptable and will be dealt with. After 3 times, you will be transferred to a jail outside of Equalania, not to come back.

5. No individual has to talk about their past, unless being investigated.

6. Our government is to not keep anything from Equalania including world news.


Equalania has many different activities ranging from our mall to our gyms. We even have a river that runs down the town called Skippy River!!

Some activities and buildings are: Mall, Equalnia Pump Up Gym, multiple shopping stores such as Super Target, Equal-Mart, King Mart, Forever Equal(Clothing store), and many many more!

Any drawbacks or problems of living here?

Yes, we completely understand that not everyone can be really nice all of the time and may be difficult to not break our laws, but if everyone is nice, what will there be to be mad about? By working as a community, we can strive together having a community filled with people who are all kind!

What if I want to Leave?

If you ever wish to leave Equalania, no worries, you are a free person and can leave with no trouble from anyone!

How Are We Different From the Dystopia in Farenheight 451? Are we a Dystopia?

As you know, in Farenheight 451, the government and leaders lie, and keep secrets from their people. Not only that, but the people are controlled by having others tell them what job they are supposed to have and advertise everything, basically brain washing everyone. In Equalania, you can be anything you want and, as listed in our laws, leaders and the government is NOT allowed to keep anything from you. You are open to any information because we as people have the right to know what is going on with where we live. Although, if you are an introvert and don't like others and aren't willing to be a kind person, Equalania is probably more of a dystopia rather than a utopia for you.

How is Equalania like the American Dream?

If you want to live the American Dream then Equalania is most definately the perfect fit for you. We are very similar to this dream because, for one, nobody gets judged and if this is the case, the person is breaking the law and this problem will be addressed. Also, everyone has equal opprotunity and has the right to be anything you want, but just like anything, you have to work for it. Everybody takes on equal responsibilty. Don't forget FREEDOM! You can do whatever you want as long as you are not breaking the law. Citizens of Equalania are free to be whatever they want and be happy>