Hieronymus Bosch

Jeroen Anthoniszoon


Jeroen Anthoniszoon, known better as Hieronymus Bosch, was born in the year 1450 in a small town called North Brabant in Hertogenbosch, Netherlands. Which is where he spent most of his life. He was believed to be trained as an artist by local talent, and was most likely trained by both his father and grandfather. He was in the Brotherhood of Lady, in which he was an active member, and painted for all the Cathedrals of Hertogenbosch. He was a great painter and created many great pieces of art such as the Seven Deadly Sins, Temptation of Saint Anthony, & Garden of Earthly Delights. His patrons were solely the churches of Hertogenbosch and Philip the handsome who was the Archduke of Austria. He didn't travel so his fame was only what was around him.

Work- The Seven Deadly Sins

The Seven Deadly Sins created in the year 1500, can be seen in the Villanueva building in Museo del Prado, in Madrid, Spain. It is just a northern Renaissance oil painting on a panel canvas. What it is famous for are the four punishments of the sins in each corner.

I think this piece is amazing because it shows the wicked and how they are punished which to me shows a pure amount of justice. The piece shows Humanism because we see how mankind can show sin and how the wicked aren't the only ones punished.