Technology Integration

Philosophy Statement - Bullet Points

Bullet Points and Resources that help aid my Technology Integration Plan and Philosophy Statement.

Bullet Points:

1. Keep the mind and body in action via technology.

2. Implement technology into current lesson plans (don't reinvent the wheel).

3. Be creative and try new types of technology.

4. Explore and try new technology.

5. Use technology as an assessment tool.


1. Spark Curriculum - PE Technology Institute:

2. Computers and Education:

3. Adult Education Quarterly:

4. Education World - Technology Jump Starts the New Phys. Ed.

5. Technology in P.E.:

USD 453 Philosophy and Technology Integration Plan

My current High School's Technology Vision Statement:

- The Leavenworth School District is committed to providing educational technology that will enable our students and staff to meet the changing needs of our technologically-based society. Students and staff will be proficient in using meaningful technology in order to create a community of learners who have the ability to access, process and effectively use technological resources present in our modern world.

1. The primary purpose of technology in USD 453 will be to support the teaching and learning process by integrating technology into the curriculum in all classrooms across the district.

2. Technology will facilitate and improve communication.

3. Technology will enable students and staff to access, retrieve, interpret, and evaluate information.

Visit the following link for USD 453's full Technology Integration Plan: