Roanoke River Basin

By: Phoebe Gravely and Chanse Smith

What is the human population in the Roanoke River Basin?

The Roanoke River Basin has a population of 289,784.


The headwaters are in the Blue Ridge Mountains

How many miles of rivers, and streams make up the Roanoke River Basin?

There are a total of 2,213 miles of stream and river.

2nd Aquatic Organism

The Striped Bass is an Aquatic Organism in the Roanoke River Basin. But due to over fishing the population of Striped Bass has drastically decreased/

Facts about Bald cypress' and Tupelo trees

The bald cypress gets it's name because they drop there leaves early in the season

Tupelo grows on moist, slightly acidic soil, that is exposed to sunlight or in the partial shade.

Nonpoint Source Pollution's in Roanoke the River Basin

Some nonpoint source pollution are sedimentation from agriculture, forestry, and construction. And high levels of dioxin, selenium, and mercury

Point source pollution's in the roanoke river basin

Some of the point source pollution is from elevated nitrogen, phosphorus, and copper. Those Pollutants come from waste water treatment plants, industrial facilities, and urban storm water systems.

One solution to this could be figuring out a better way to deal with the water once it leaves the storm water drains.

Land forms and/or important places in the Roanoke River Basin

Hanging Rock State Park: a great hiking and biking destination in North Carolina. Although the park has over gone many physical changes to it's landscape it is still a popular spot.

John H. Kerr Dam: the John H. Kerr Dam and Reservoir was built in the 1950's in the Roanoke River Basin.

Betsy-Jeff Penn 4-H Education Center: an education center near Lake Hazel hosts camps, retreats and field trips.

Kerr Lake State Recreation Area: from places to hook up RV's to fishing tournaments Kerr Lake State Area has acres beyond acres of land to kayak, camp, have a bonfire, and fish.

Roanoke/Cashie River Center: a child friendly, and romantic getaway spot this Center is a great vacation spot. Play sports, get massages, take historical tours and walk the coastal lighthouse paths.