The Inca

Inca life

Who are the Inca?

A ancient civilization of people known as the Inca where intelligent, praised many gods, and were architects. The Inca made roads. They made a hidden city to hide from the spanish. They were excellant bilders. They had a vast empier.
Inca Civilization

What is their culture?

They made blood sacrifices. They sent the blood sacrifices to the sun god. The sun god is the most important god to the Inca. They also made pottery, weavings, and gold lamas.

What achevments have the Inca done?

They have built roadways made out of stone. Their farmlands were made of corn, potatos, quinoa, lamas, and alpacas. They also hid there citys well. They hid them in the mountan ranges so the spanish could not find them.

where they lived

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What place in time were the inca?

1438-1533 were the dates of when the inca lived in the Andean mountian ranges. they also lived in part of modern Ecuador, a small part in south Colombia, central and north Chile, and south central, western Bolivia.