The Natural SPOT.


Natural SPOT.

Here at the Natural SPOT, we sell hair products for everyone with natural hair, along with that we help give tips for great ways to keep your hair very healthy and clean.

We are located at 2587 Polsyr Ln in LA.


Sun: 12pm-7pm

Mon-Fri: 9am-11pm

Sat: 10am-11pm

Our Business!

I would like to create a partnership business for "The Natural Spot", because I enjoy working with other people, even if that leads to many disagreements. Having a partnership type of business, I won't have everything packed all on me, such as bills and stuff. I won't be in it all myself.

The advantages will be...

1. We can raise money more easily by borrowing or adding new partners.

2. We don't have to pay no corporate income tax.

3. We will be able to bring in a full range of new talents.

4. We have unlimited liability. We are fully responsible for the business debts.

Our Business cont...

Having a partnership business also come with disadvantages.

1. The profits are shared. We will be able to overcome this because it's pretty self-explanatory. We are all in this together. Everyone working to make this business run well all deserve something. It's only right.

2. Disagreements can occur. There will be many disagreements because not everyone might agree with my idea. We could do majority vote on this, and the person who receives the most votes for their idea wins.

3. Problems can occur if one wants to leave. We can overcome this by talking to the person and see why they want to leave and come to a conclusion.

"The Natural SPOT" will allow everyone to be able to have a say on things. Such as if the store needs changing or anything like that, we will take that into consideration. Everyone's voice matters here at the SPOT.

It will have a labor union. Having a labor union will be a good decision because it will try and make things better. Employers will be able to have a better chance to obtain a higher pay during their time here at the SPOT and have a better working condition. Just like our consumers, our employees matter too! Our labor union will be a closed shop, because this will mean that anyone wanting to be hired must belong to the union first. This will allow the shop and the workers to be more unified because they all belong to the same union.

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"The Natural SPOT" will be able to go GREEN in many ways. In our bathrooms, rather than using paper, we will use automatic dryers. We will RECYCLE as much as we can. To get in contact with us, you will have to email us instead of sending mail and vice versa. Every Thursday morning, 3-5 employees are required to do community service around the area for about 30 minutes.