If you saw a heat wave,

Would you wave back?

It is time to work SMARTER not Harder

I believe they call them the dog days of summer? I read on wikipedia the meaning of the dog days and how they originated during Roman times and how they were believed to be an evil period, the sea boiled, wine turned sour, dogs grew mad and other creatures became languid. I believe this translates in present time to, "Designers need motivation and bookings." With the summer months upon us and the temperature rising, it just means that is time to work smarter, not harder, so get that CAMELBAK Mister backpack strapped on and get ready for this hike!

Have you heard the rumor that the J-months (January, June and July) are slow for many direct sales businesses? Don’t believe it! It’s false! Of course they will be slow if you stop working your business, but that’s a given.

Keeping Working Your Business in the Summer

Direct sales takes a unique balance of working for the future and working for the now. If you look too far in advance you’ll sacrifice your current month. Take advantage of current customer and host promotions and events that may be ideal for gift giving. However if you don’t fill your calendar in advance then your future months will be unproductive. It’s a bit like having to pat your head and rub your belly at the same time. It can be done if you focus.

But… but… but…

Lots of excuses – right? “People are busy with end of school year events.” “People are busy with graduations and showers.” “People are busy with sporting events.” “People are busy enjoying the great outdoors.” Yes, people are busy. Yet there’s always something that will occupy their time. It’s called life. We’re overworked, over-scheduled and over committed. Take those excuses and turn them into benefits.

  1. People are busy with end of school year events. Hello… teacher appreciation gifts. Don’t forget the auxiliary teachers, assistants, office staff, student teachers, coaches, and others who have been engaged with your child all year long. Also, many teachers are on summer break. Perhaps they will want to become a consultant to supplement their income or finally have a chance to host a deck party for their friends.
  2. People are busy with graduations and showers. Perfect. What do you have that will make a great gift? Do you have a product that the Grad, Mom or Bride would love? Don’t forget Dads too, Father’s Day is the third Sunday in June in the U.S. If not for the honoree, what about for the host of the shindig? Mom always taught me never to go to a party empty handed. Flowers or a bottle of wine are common “Here-you-go,-host” gifts, though this year, take something appropriate from your own product line.
  3. People are busy with sporting events. Soccer, baseball, t-ball, swimming, certainly – no shortage of practices and games to attend during the summer. As you’re sitting in the stands or your bag chair, bring catalogs to sticker/label or marketing collateral to put together recruiting packets or a bulk mailing. You can multitask; you’re a parent. You multitask all the time. Other parents may be curious what you’re doing and you’ll get work done at the same time.
  4. People are busy enjoying the great outdoors. Hold parties outside – at the beach, at the park, at the pool, or on the deck. Or opt to do quick lunch time parties in the lunch room, conference room or break room. The hosts and guests will appreciate you honoring their busy schedule. They can brown bag it and eat while you give them a quick run-down of your products and opportunity.

Enjoy the summer. Keep working. Be creative. Remember sunscreen!

T Minus 11 days!!!!!

If you are still contemplating going to conference, I found another great excerpt from a Senior Director of a company who attended her companies first conference as a Team Leader LAST year! Yes you read that correctly in one year she went through 3 promotions and much she owes to knowledge gained at conference.

"There is nothing like attending your company's conference! The excitement, friendships and business boost are worth every penny you'll spend. It's not cheap. I'm not gonna lie! It was a sacrifice to go last year!

But, can I tell you something? It was no sacrifice this year! Why? Well, I had so much success in my business AFTER conference, that I'm making way more money this year! And... I planned to attend 2013 from the moment I stepped out of the 2012conference!

So, here are a few practical tips for you to attend YOUR company'sconference:

  • Decide you are going to do it and start to plan NOW!
  • Set aside a portion of your commissions each month towards your convention fund.
  • Buy the conference registration as soon as it is available. There is usually an early bird discount that will save you some money!
  • Book your conference hotel right away. There is no charge to reserve your room, and convention hotels often sell out. It will usually end up costing you more to stay at an off-site hotel, further away from the excitement. You can share the room with 2-4 other attendees to bring down your room cost.
  • Book your flights early. The difference in airfare can be dramatic. I booked my flight 2 months ago. The same flights now are twice as much!
  • Take advantage of the included meals and/or happy hours at the hotel and conference. There are plenty of opportunities to hang out and socialize, they don't have to cost you a lot of extra money. Eat a large (and healthy!) breakfast to start your day. You can even tuck an extra piece of fruit or yogurt in your bag for a mid-morning snack.
  • Avoid the vending machines and bars if you are on a tight budget! Someone at conference is bound to have a car - see if you can catch a ride to a grocery store to stock up on sodas and snacks if you must!


1. Christine Cude

2. Kristin Bost

Ladies you have each one our Team Sparkle and Shine shirts! Please email me with sizing info and I will send out to you as soon as they are completed.


On the topic of gifts for those attending Conference or those who would love to support a very good cause, Sherri Smith on my frontline from Nebraska spoke to me about Team Jack. In April 2013, 7 year old Jack Hoffman who is battling brain cancer scored a 69 yard touchdown for the Cornhuskers which went down in the records as the longest touchdown run. He is an amazing little boy who wants to raise awareness and the Team Jack Foundation was founded on funding research for a cure. Visit the site for more info and the many places Jack has visited to advocate for his cause, a cause truly close to my heart as well.

In the spirit of Team Jack, many people purchase Team Jack shirts and he loves it when people take pictures of where the shirts have been around the world. If you are interested in purchasing a shirt and are going to conference please contact me ASAP as it takes 3-5 days. I'll be wearing mine:)http://www.teamjackfoundation.org

Take Care Sparklers! Vanessa Ramirez, Team Sparkle & Shine

Tip of the Month:

Summer Camp Fundraisers

Got kids going off to summer sports or arts camps? Most non-profit organizations are glad to benefit from your fundraisers. Why not invite the parents to party with you and donate a portion of the proceeds to the camp program? You could also offer up a portion of sales from any bookings you get from the parents. Sports teams are always in need of equipment or uniforms. Why reserve your fundraising for schools? These kinds of activities usually start registering now, so it’s a great time to approach the sponsoring committees to discuss fundraising options.

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