Act 5, Scene 1

2010 Rupert Gold Vs 1948 Orson Welles

Film version to text

The 2010 Rupert Gold Version was more accurate because of how they portrayed Lady Macbeth as someone extremely crazy. And most of the actions that the book said Lady Macbeth did in the movie. I liked the 2010 version way better because I really like the lady who played Lady Macbeth, she was perfect for that role and she made it more interesting to watch.



The first difference is the setting. In the 2010 version Lady Macbeth was in like a basement in the castle with no light only with the spotlight on her. While in the 1948 version, other then it being in black and white, Lady Macbeth was coming down from like a castle on rocks and it was outside instead of inside like the other version.
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The hands

In the 2010 version Lady Macbeth actually washed her hands with the candle wax and she actually opened the faucet and blood came out, while in the other version she was only pretending to wash her hands.
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The Crazy

In both versions they showed Lady Macbeth's crazy side. Lady Macbeth was crying and screaming like crazy. She seemed terrified and full of misery with that guilty feeling of knowing she was part of killing those people.
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