Intensive Online

Phase 5

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Dear course member,

The final phase is about to begin! After two extra weeks, you can now carry on for the next two weeks with a new key. If everything is right you have carried out your plans and have taken up the necessary challenges. Now it is just a question of staying on your new path and carrying on! You are going to refine the growth process and do it in this phase with the code Focus. This is meant to keep you alert and engaged and to help you ignore any distractions. In this way we are going to bring this Intensive to its conclusion and to get you ready for the moment when you can stand on your own two feet.

Looking forward to seeing you on this webcast on Friday evening.

From heart to heart,

Right, let's get going!

Are you ready? Building on your future for the next weeks of the Intensive? In the webcast Janosh will officially welcome you to the new phase, where he will explain what you can expect over the next few weeks. The webcast can be watched on the Start Page of Phase 5. To get here, you do the following:

  1. Go to the website
  2. Click on the main menu on Log In.
  3. Choose Phase 5 and fill in the password we sent you.
  4. Go to the Start Page.

From then on everything is clear. Every time we reach a new Phase, you will receive an email the day before with a new password. In between you may receive emails with updates, downloads, new inspiration etc. The password remains valid for the next two weeks.

If you cannot be present tomorrow, plan a moment for yourself to watch the repeat.

Password phase 4: 055055

This password is valid until August 1. You can log for Phase 5 from Friday 18 July 6.30pm GMT. (1,5 hour before the live webcast). Please take note of the time differences in your particular area. GMT = Greenwich Mean Time