Christmas break

Christmas Eve and day

screech I screamed in my head. What day is it's Tuesday but more exciting Christmas Eve!!! I was so excited that this year we were going to have a party. I ran down stairs only to find my sick sister. I asked my mom if we were going to have the party but she didn't know. later that day the worst thing happened... My brother was sick. After that my mom said we were going to have to cancel the party. I was a little mad at first because it was the second party we had to cancel in a week! later that day I helped my dad rap all my moms presents. Later I was running around the house like crazy I couldn't wait one more second. Later my brother and my sister were running around the house to they felt A LOT better. Soon we pulled up the Santa tracker on Norad. Soon we got a tray out and put cookies, milk, and carrots. Soon it was time for bed I grabbed my dog Daisy and ran upstairs I put her in my bed and than I get in with her it was the longest night of my life I just couldn't fall asleep than I fell asleep. Soon I woke up at 5:17 A.M.. I graved Daisy off they bed and ran into my parents bedroom. They were awake wide awake. I asked if we could go wake up Deegan (brother) and Myla (sister). My dad said we can at 5:30. he didn't know what time it beside it being 5:00. Yay that was only in five minutes now. I swayed back and than it was five thirty Lets go lets go I repeated while Daisy ran around on the bed.My parents got out of bed than I Grabbed Daisy so she wouldn't run around on the ground making noise because of the wood and er claws hitting the floor. We walked into Myla's room she was sound asleep. By the time Myla got out off bed Deegan was already awake. We walked down the stairs to the platform that was half way from both down stairs and upstairs. We went down to the bottom step and sat down because we always get in that pacific spot for a picture on Christmas. Soon we picked a spot in the room were we would be opening are presents. First we opened our stockings in mine was, a purple outlet charger for my iPod, Rainbow loom packet and a, Mu tigers bracelet. after we passed out all the presents we started opening them here is whatws in them a pair of black boots, xbox 360 with connect, minecraft for xbox, black leggings, gray sweeter, black white striped shirt with a star,sweet pants and, a blue jacket. After we opened all our presents we looked on the table to see if santa ate his food and he did also our elf Carlos left us our favorite candy bar mine was a Hershey white chocolate ch