LS Connect #6

Learnist & Touchable Earth


Building a community of curious people who can quickly & easily share knowledge on any topic.

Today, millions of curious people worldwide use Learnist monthly to learn from expertly curated web, print and video content covering tens-of-thousands of topics, ranging from niche area of academics to broad interests such as food, health, sports and entertainment. Learnist user interests and passions drive easy, efficient discovery of new learning experiences—literally putting expert knowledge at users' fingertips. (Learnist)
Learnist App review by TeachHUB Magazine

Touchable Earth

The first app where kids teach kids about the world.

Touchable Earth is exclusively presented first hand in portrait photographs and videos of children aged 7-11 or 14-18 living in each place.

Kids learn key facts and develop an insight into life around the world by visiting families, schools, seeing the games kids play, and being introduced to other cultures. (Touchable Earth)

Touchable Earth App review by TeachHUB Magazine