Truedell Public School

Newsletter #8

Remote Learning Continues to January 22nd

On January 7th, the provincial government announced that the school closure will continue for the next two weeks with students continuing to learn virtually. Students' abilities to participate successfully in virtual learning have grown tremendously since last year and we are so proud of them! Thank you for your ongoing efforts in helping your child to engage with school assignments and activities during the remote learning period. We truly appreciate your support in assisting your child with logging on as needed, and with checking in to ensure they are online when they are expected to be. Attendance is being taken each day, and all learning this term, including what is covered during remote learning will contribute to your child's report card marks. If your child is ill, please continue to use the Safe Arrival system to report absences.

Parent Council Meetings

The Parent Council meeting which was scheduled for Monday, January 11th has been cancelled. Our next meeting is scheduled for Monday, February 8th at 6:30 p.m. Please let the school know if you would like to attend this virtual meeting.

Staff Changes at Truedell Beginning in February

We have some staffing changes at Truedell which will begin in February. Mrs. West (Student Support Teacher), will be going on maternity leave and Mrs. Montgomery (Grade 6/7 Teacher) will be stepping in as our Student Support Teacher.

We are pleased to welcome Ms. Price to Truedell's teaching staff! She will be teaching our Grade 6/7 class for the remainder of the school year while Mrs. Montgomery takes over as our SST. Ms. Price is well known to students and staff at Truedell and covers regularly for teachers at the school when they need to be away. Ms. Price attended Truedell when she was an elementary student and even completed some of her teacher training rounds at the school. We know that she will be a wonderful addition to the Truedell Team!

Does Your Child Need a Device?

If you need a device, please contact the school. Students in Kindergarten to Grades-1/2 are using iPads; students in Grades 2/3 - 8 are using Chrome Books.

Safe Routes to School Meetings

T.P.S. is working collaboratively with the City of Kingston on a project called Safe Routes to School. The focus of the project is on student safety and increasing rates of active school travel. As a committee of parents, students, school staff, Public Health, and City of Kingston staff we will be meeting to determine and prioritize areas surrounding Truedell that may need some additional attention to allow students to travel as safely as possible to and from the school. The committee will begin meeting approximately once a month in the new year at 6:30 p.m. on Monday evenings, with the first meeting scheduled for Monday, January 18th.

Priorities of the Safe Routes to School Committee include:

  • safer school zones
  • healthier children
  • less traffic and pollution and
  • better student academic performance

If you or your child in Grades 4-8 are interested in being part of the Safe Routes to School committee, please contact Ms. Jacob at the school.

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