Brown Girl Dreaming

By: Maya Batra 3rd Period

About this Book

The book, Brown Girl Dreaming, is about the author, Jacqueline Woodson's childhood. It shows all her adventures as a kid. This book is shows all of life's ups and downs. It's inspiring and emotional, because in some parts of the books it shows how the world can be judgmental, just based on the way someone looks.

Dynamic & Static Characters

The dynamic character in this story is Jackie, the author herself. As I mentioned earlier, this is about Jackie's childhood. This book shows how Jacqueline starts off as a kid, and mentally turns into a young lady. The static character is her mother. Her mother is still the brave soul she always was at the end of the book. She is always looking out for her kids, and loves everybody.

Internal Conflict

The internal conflict for Jacqueline is that life is changing. She doesn't want to leave the life she had behind. Jackie doesn't want change in her life. She loves the life she lives. This is an internal conflict, because Jackie is not mentally ready to move on.

External Conflict

The external conflict is man VS society. Jackie has to face a lot of judgement and exclusion just because she is not the same race as society. Her family cannot do certain things in this book. Nobody thinks the is fair. Jacqueline's mother told them that nobody is better than anyone. In the end, we are all human.


I personally think the theme of this book could be interpreted in many different ways. I think the theme is that no one is more important than another. We can all get through anything, but we have to work together. Also, you shouldn't judge others, because maybe you don't know what they're facing. Maybe things are different for them. You should never make people feel like you don't care about them, or that they aren't important.

Minor Characters

The minor characters in this book are her family members that she doesn't live with. All those distant uncles and aunts are minor characters. Specifically Aunt Kay and Uncle Robert are minor characters. Her grandparents and siblings are not minor characters because they are mentioned in the book constantly.


This book is about Jackie's childhood. In result of this, the plot is her childhood. It starts off with Jacqueline Woodson being born, all the way through the end of the book, where little Jackie finds out her passion, what she wants to do in life.


The conflict in this book, is young Jackie having to face the judgement of society. In this book, you see how much racism there used to be in this world. Jacqueline also has to face life's changes. She had to leave her dad, and move from place to place. While reading this book, you feel like you're right next to Jacqueline Woodson.


This book and Jackie's childhood begins on February 12, 1963, with the birth of a baby. Jacqueline Woodson was born in Columbus, Ohio. Jacqueline Woodson was named after her father, Jack Austin Woodson. Although Mary Ann Irby, Jackie's mother disapproved, stubborn Jack got his way.

Inciting Incident

Jack and Mary Ann Irby fought a lot when Jackie was a baby. Mary Ann left Jack Woodson, taking her brother, Hope, Dell, and little Jackie with her. I believe this was the inciting incident because Mary Ann and the kids go south. This is a problem because at this point, many people judge their family just because of their skin color.

Rising Action

The rising action in this book is about the family's life in the south. The grandfather, Gunnar, loves Jackie, and he is her idol. Gunnar plays the role as a father in Hope, Dell, and Jacqueline's life. He likes to spoil them with sweets. The grandmother, Georgiana, wants her grandkids to look proper and sophisticated. Their mother leaves for New York for a little bit, so Gunnar an Georgiana take care of the kids.


Mary Ann Irby returns from New York, with a plan: They are moving to New York! Jacqueline is kind of hesitant, because Greenville is all they know know. Mary Ann leaves again, this time to look for a home. When she returns, she brings back someting else to... a new baby! His name is Roman, and Hope is excited to have another boy in the house. They all leave for New York.

Falling Action

In New York, Jacqueline, Odella, and hope get to meet Aunt Kay, one of Mary Ann's childhood friends. They all care very much for Aunt Kay. But, then there is a tragic accident...Aunt Kay hurt herself. There is a funeral. Jacqueline starts school, where she learns she has a passion for writing. She becomes friends with Gina and Alina. Uncle Robert, Mary Ann's brother moves to New York. Roman eats some paint, and gets very ill. They have to leave him in the hospital. While he is there, they go down south. When they return, they see Roman, healthy as can be.


Jacqueline meets her new best friend, Maria. Their grandfather, Gunnar dies in 1970. He was like a father to Jackie, and she loved him very much. Georgiana comes to live with her daughter. Jackie writes a poem, with some help from her sister and discovers her passion and love for writing.


At the end of this book, you feel like you were part of Jacqueline Woodson's childhood. Through her story, how different the world used to be. I think this was an inspiring story, and a very good book. I definitely recommend it!