Fue hair transplant

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How to Select the Right Hair Transplant Doctor

1. Do your research
Before selecting a doctor for the job, it is very important that you do your research. Use the Internet as well as referrals from your friends and family to make a list of at least 4 to 5 best hair transplant surgeons for hair loss treatment in the town.

Note: Though the best way to find the right surgeon is through a referral, avoid referrals from your hairstylist. Friends and family are the most trusted sources in any case.

2. Find the right doctor

Once you have prepared the list of doctors, book consultation with all of them to have a better understanding of their skills and the services they offer. During the consultation, judge your physician for his approach towards hair restoration. He or she should have holistic approach towards the surgery and must be able to help you evaluate your hair restoration options, both surgical and non surgical. Also make sure that hair restoration is the primary focus of your physician's practice.

Based on the above facts, choose the best physician out of the list.

3. Find the right clinic

Besides choosing the right doctor, it is also important that you choose the best clinic in the town that is patient focused. Check if the clinic has made investment in state of the art equipment as well as in hiring the most skilled staff that is dedicated and trained for all types of Hair Transplant surgeries. If you want to get good treatment on hair transplant in Pakistan is the best option for you.

4. Ask for references

Another thing that helps in selecting the right doctor for the procedure is his score. Ask your doctor how many patients he has produced for excellent results. It will be very good if the surgeon could give you a couple of references - the patients he or she has operated over the last few months. You can meet them to know about hair transplant cost in Pakistan and the doctor’s experience. This will give you a better idea of the surgical skills as well as patient handling of your prospective surgeon.

5. Before and after pictures

After references, the best source to check the surgical skills and the results the surgeon has produced in the past is the "Before and After Pictures" of the patients your prospective physician has operated in the past.

6. Read the reviews

You can also have a better understanding of the physician's reputation in the hair transplant industry by reading the patient reviews on different hair transplant related discussion forums on internet. A vast majority of patients participates in these online discussion forums and post not only their experiences but also their before and after photos. So it will be the best option for you to know more about Fue hair transplant in Pakistan that may deal with your needs.

7. Don't let low prices tempt you

Having that said, never let the low prices tempt you. Nurse practitioners and assistants are also performing hair transplant surgeries nowadays, at quite cheap rates. But don't compromise on the quality of the services just to get the surgery done at cheaper rates.

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