save the baseball program

come join baseball game and solfbal game and eat

come join so fun so we can help people that want to play baseball or softball

do you really want your kid at home doing nothing or do you want him to ply baseball or softball if you want you kid to play out here and support them

save the baseball program

Friday, April 4th, 12pm

Greenwood Park, Yuba City, CA, United States

Yuba City, CA

we are going to have hotdogs hamburger steak and a lot of more food and we are going to play baseball and solfball

come help so people can play baseball or softball

come to green wood Friday April 4 at 12:00pm

we will be done playing and eating at 5:30

come join to save baseball and softball program

you guys should show up to the park because you really want kid to be at home doing nothing do you want the baseball or softball