How to be one, and how it's like

A Typical Day For A Surgeon

A typical day for surgeon starts out waking up at 5 AM. A surgeon doesn't want to drink coffee because they don't want their hands all shaky from the caffeine so they usually just get some juice. Then, the surgeon arrives in the hospital ready to take-on post-op patients. Now, surgeons report to the operating room to perform, or assist an operation and follow up on the patient during post-op. A surgeon also has research duties they need to perform. The type of research depends on what type of surgeon they are. Surgeons usually go home around 10:00 and repeat this cycle during the week.

Pay Rate and Employment

An average surgeon earns about 289k per year, while the top pay is near 550k which are usually reserved for neuro and cardiac surgeons. Hospitals need around 100 surgeons and surgeon assistants in the hospital so the need for surgeons are at an all time high. There are around 700,000 openings currently right now, this also means that competition is high for these spots.


A surgeon typically needs to have an intense concentration and exemplary hand coordination. The reason being is that surgeries last up to 8 hours so the human body can get stressed out by the amount of time you are spent in the operating room. You also cannot slip up a incision as even a quarter of an inch may cause a life threatening situation.


Doctors and surgeons start by earning a bachelors degree in any course that relates to biology or medicine. Then they have to go through 4-5 years of pre-med and Medical school to earn their medical license. Afterwards, surgeons need 6 or even 8 years of residency to accumulate experience and the title of surgeon.
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