Move to the Southern Colonies.

By Brent Herrold.

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Types of government for colonies.

  • Virginia-John smith,Its a Royal Colony,Meaning and definition of Royal colonies a royal colony was ruled or administered by officials responsible.
  • South Carolina-Group of Aristocrats ,Royal colony.By a royal governor and council that was appointed by the British crown.
  • North Carolina-Group of 8 people,Lords proprietors,Royal colony.
  • Maryland-Cecil Covert,Proprietary colony,Colonies were territories granted by the English Crown.

Founders and Reasons.

Virginia-Expand trade.

Maryland-To sell land and religious freedom.

North Carolina- profit from trading and selling land.

South Carolina-Profit from trading and selling land.

Georgia-Religious freedom,protection against spanish,florida and safe home for debtors.

Voting Rights.

Life in The middle colones.

Was good but when the winters came it went down hill.

What the region and soil was like.

It has more fertile soil & Milder climate than New England's farms produced a bigger harvest. In New York& Pennsylvania, Farmers grew large quantities of wheat and other cash crops these crops where used by farmers , families, but they where also sold in colonial markets and overseas.

What crops they grew.

They grew wheat & other cash crops.

The 2 cites that the farmers would send the food and livestock to.

New York city & Philadelphia.

The population.

New York city has about 18,000.

Philadelphia has about 24,000