Jane Ball Happenings

April 27 - May 1

Shout outs!

To are awesome secretaries, Lori and Pam. Hope you had a great secretaries day!

To Nurse Chris for making the substitute medical information. This will enjoy the health and safety of our students! Well done!

To the staff of Jane Ball especially grade 3-5 teachers. Thank you for your continued flexibility and love for our Jane Ball students as we prepare them for the upcoming ISTEP tests. Lets Rock This!

ISTEP information and convocations

Teachers and staff

I will be pushing out an updated special and lunch/recess schedule. Please check it as I do need to make several changes to accommodate ISTEP testing.

Convocations will start at 8:30. I realize this is before the actual start of the school day but in order to be on time with our testing we will begin with as many students as possible. Students who want to eat breakfast may still due so. We will just make sure we get the students in the gym around 8:30 with a start of the pledge promptly at 8:40.

Bea has sent out the information on the convocation schedule.

As a reminder....please try to avoid unnecessary trips in the hallway and do your best to remind your students that we must have absolute silence in the hallways. Testing will be taking place throughout the day and this does include the afternoon due to us testing online. Thank you in advance for helping us out with this. If you are free and want to help during testing times, please see me or Leslie as we can ALWAYs use extra help encouraging and proctoring tests.

What's Happening


No morning meetings

8:30 Convocation

Hoops for Heart All PE classes

ISTEP Testing


No morning meetings

8:30 Convocation

Hoops for Heart continues

ISTEP testing

1:00 Deb Sped conference

2:15 Deb Sped conference


No Morning meetings

8:30 Convocation

Hoops for heart continues

ISTEP testing


No Morning meetings

8:30 Convocation

Hoops for heart continues

ISTEP testing


No Morning meetings

8:30 Convocation

Hoops for heart continues

ISTEP testing

Upcoming Testing Dates

Here is the schedule for the IREAD for K-2.....

May 18 a.m.- Bochnowski -

May 18 p.m.- Novitski

May 19 a.m.- Plesha

May 19 p.m.- Caffarini

May 20 a.m.- Kepshire

May 20 p.m.- O'Malley

May 21 a.m.- Weiner

May 22- Make-ups and scoring

May 26 a.m. & p.m.- Barno

May 27 a.m. & p.m.- Gross

May 28 a.m. & p.m.- Nairn

May 29 a.m.& p.m.- Reidenga

June 1- Make-ups & scoring

NWEA Spring Testing Dates are: May 11- June 1

Teacher evaluation reminder

Please remember that ALL observations are due by May 1.

Artifacts are due NO later than May 15th. If you have finished your artifacts and are ready for me to finalize your evaluation please send me an email.

Thank you!

Science Seekers and Museum of Science and Industry Family Day

Our after-school science seekers club will be held May 5, 12, 19 and 26th from 3:30-4:30

This is an excellent club for our kids to explore science. All lessons are from curriculum and materials provided by the Museum of Science and Industry. They are an excellent resource for educators.

As part of our MSI grant, MSI provide free tickets and transportation to the Museum of Science and Industry on May 16 10 am -3 pm

Because of our partnership they have also provided free tickets for field trips taken by our High Ability students as well as our 3rd grade.