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This week's Grizz...

  • SCHOOL CLOSURE THROUGH APRIL 28 - Principal's Update
  • A Message from your Counselors
  • Cafeteria open for lunch and breakfast pick up

  • Postponed Events
  • Scholarship Opportunities

School Closure Through April 28

Grizz Parents, Guardians, Students and Community Members –

I am reaching out to wish you well and to let you know that your AHS teachers and staff have spent this week meeting through video conferences and by phone to shape what learning will look like during the closure. We have amazing people dedicated to students and learning. I anticipate that we will receive additional guidance from the Department of Education in the days to come that will help us answer many questions.

The high school will be providing ‘supplemental education’ as indicated by Governor Brown’s closure order. Teachers have been expanding their online resources and moving to our Microsoft Teams portal. Most students have some familiarity with the portal and there will be additional training materials available soon for students and parent/guardians. I will be sending out an update towards the end of next week with more specifics.

We have had a strong response to our supplemental learning survey that will help us in knowing how many students have reliable and adequate internet access for online learning tools. This will also allow us to plan outreach for those students and families that have no or limited access. If you have not taken the survey, you may do so through the weekend. The survey is for currently enrolled students only. Please check parent/guardian email for the link.

We have received many questions as the closure unfolds. Our senior class has the most as they approach graduation. While we are still working on specifics, I can share what we know about some of the questions we have received from our senior class students:

Will we graduate? Yes! ALL seniors have a path towards graduation. You will have the supports you need for doing your part and we will do ours.

What about prom? Our hope is to return to school at the end of April, but we are in uncertain times and uncharted waters. I have tasked our leadership students with alternate plans for some of the traditional senior celebrations.

What if I haven’t done my Senior Project or completed Community Service Hours? We are still working on these graduation requirements and will have an update next week.

What about AP Testing and Dual Enrollment Classes? We are working with the College Board on AP Exams and with SOU, RCC and KCC on dual enrollment credits. I anticipate an update soon.

What if I don’t have access to the internet or don’t have a good data plan? Let us know. We are working to identify those students that do not have access to online learning tools and working with them individually to remove technologic and other barriers.

If you know of a student that has barriers to accessing supplemental education online, please have them reach out by calling the main school number 541-482-8771. The phone does accept messages that will be checked after spring break.

Please help us in assessing student readiness for online supplemental learning by completing the Supplemental Learning Survey. Please check parent / guardian email for link. Survey for currently enrolled students only.

Best question so FAR: What if my dog ate my homework? Really? If you haven’t figured that out by senior year, I’m concerned. The American Veterinary Association recommends monitoring your canine until they cough up the answers. Seriously though, students may turn in any work that was due prior to the closure through April 3. Email is the preferred method and we will have a drop point available after spring break.

Will I still have access to school counseling or mental health services through Rogue Community Health? Yes. We will be posting available times for virtual (online or phone) time with school counselors soon. Rogue Community Health has been providing outreach to existing students online or by phone. If you wish to contact Rogue Community Heath, please call (541) 482-8771 x2247

I will be sending out additional updates during break as we have more answers. I want to thank our staff that has been doing an amazing job of preparing for learning under the closure and I am excited to share their efforts April 1. I also want to thank our Ashland High School community and students. We see so many ways folks are reaching out and supporting students.

For now, take spring break to care for yourself and your families. Stay healthy and positive. We’re Grizzlies – we got this.


Samuel Bogdanove

Interim Principal

A Message from Your Counselors


Dear Ashland High School Students and Families,

The AHS Counseling Department has been working alongside administration and teachers to make sure our staff and students look after themselves during this challenging period. We know this change in school routine will have a wide variety of impacts on our students and families. We have been thinking a lot about our students during this time, and have compiled a short list of resources we hope to be helpful to you:

  • As we face these new and strange times of living within a global pandemic, it is important to continue to have open lines of communication and human connection. Linked below are resources with suggestions on how to talk with your student about COVID-19:

.............Article from Psychology Today

.............Article from National Association of School Psychologists

.............Article from Harvard University

  • Fear and anxiety are natural responses in unknown and new situations such as we are facing. Our goal is not to get rid of these feelings, but rather to recognize them and address them before they escalate. We know that healthy habits and coping skills are key during this stressful time. We encourage all of our students to continue to maintain a routine which include healthy eating, physical activity and getting enough sleep at night. Additional tips and resources can be found below:

.............Article from Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

.............Article from NY Times

.............Article from American Psychology Association

We want our students to know that their counselors care and are thinking about them. Please feel free to reach out to us by email. We will be sending out more information following Spring Break.

Take care of yourselves, stay connected, and practice safe social distancing.









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At this time for next week we will keep all school kitchens open for students to come and get sack lunch and breakfasts. They will be grab and go, not eat on site meals.

11am – 1pm with Grab & Go Lunch (Breakfast for next morning included)

If you know of any students that would not be able to make it to the sites, please email

March 17 - April 28

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Current 8th Graders - Update to Forecasting Process

Welcome class of 2024. Please note important changes in 8th grade forecasting below.

If you missed 8th Grade Parent Night, or just want to review what we covered, here is the PowerPoint presentation:

Class of 2024 Parent Night PPT.pdf

And here is the video about our exciting

Career and Technical Programs

Forecasting sheets are due Friday, 3/20.

The options for submitting forecasting sheets are:

  1. Electronically by emailing this fillable PDF
  2. Scanning and sending forms to Keri Phipps, or emailing a photo from your smart phone, tablet, or device.
  3. Dropping forms off at a box in front of the AHS Main Office during school hours.

March 20th - All 2020-2021 Forecasting (scheduling) sheets are due to AHS

April 22nd & 29th TO BE RE-SCHEDULED

AHS Campus Tours by the Leadership class from 2:45 to 5:00

April 22nd or 29th TO BE RE-SCHEDULED

Thoreau Alternative program Open House (watch for final date and time)

Want to be a Fresh Start Counselor?

Sophomores and Juniors who are interested in being a Fresh Start Counselor! Applications are due April 3rd. (Due to school closure, we will be lenient if this doesn't work for you).

If you have a paper application that you have not yet turned it in:

  • Email a picture to
  • If you are unable to do that, please contact Nora & we will set up a time for you to drop off your application at the main office during office hours.

Seniors, if you have attended Fresh Start as a counselor and are interested in being a Gray Shirt. These applications are also due by April 3rd.

  • Email a picture to
  • If you are unable to do that, please contact Nora & we will set up a time for you to drop off your application at the main office during office hours.

Bus Drivers Wanted


Do you want to make a difference in a child’s life? Come join our team of dedicated school bus drivers with the Ashland School District! No CDL? No problem! We offer on-site job training for your Class B CDL. You must be able to pass criminal / driving background checks and a drug test. If you’re interested in Good Pay, Benefits, and driving Good Equipment, see our job postings or call for more information: 541-482-3174

Posting 19-130 Bus Driver, Transportation: $15.60 per hour, 4.5 hours per day, benefitted position.

Posting 16-122 Substitute Bus Driver, Ashland School District: hours vary depending on need, salary based on Classified Salary Schedule.

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Senior News


Senior All Night!

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Over 240 seniors just started their last semester at Ashland High School before they graduate on May 29th! That means it’s time to dive into planning the annual Senior All Night celebration – a fun drug and alcohol free graduation party for our high school seniors.

It provides a space for the graduates to have a great time celebrating with their friends and then return home safely to their families. The Senior All Night celebration is entirely parent volunteer driven and does not receive any financial support from the school district or Ashland High School.

We rely on our community and parents to make this happen and it takes a minimum of $15,000 to pull it off!

Here’s how YOU can help support the success of Senior All Night 2020!!

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College Information Newsletter Winter 2020



Information provided by the AHS College and Career Center (CCC)


There are 17 community colleges in Oregon, which offer a large variety of professional training in fields such as Graphic Design, Mechanics, Culinary Arts, Dental Hygiene, Physical Therapy and more. Students can get the skills they need in a year or two, and graduate ready to enter the job market. Students may also complete their general education credits at a community college and then transfer to a four-year university.

Community colleges have open enrollment, meaning there is no minimum high school GPA required for admission. Students planning to attend a community college do not need to take the ACT or SAT, but if they do, test scores may be used at some schools instead of taking a placement test.

Tuition can be significantly less at a community college. In 2015, our state launched the Oregon Promise (OP), offering new high school graduates and GED recipients the opportunity to have all, or the majority of their community college tuition covered by federal and state grants. Currently there is no income cap to qualify for the OP. To be eligible for the OP, students must graduate from an Oregon high school with a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher, complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), have been an Oregon resident for at least 12 months prior to enrolling in community college, and begin attending college within six months of high school graduation or GED completion. To learn more about grants available through the Oregon Promise, visit


Juniors should take the ACT and/or SAT if they are planning to apply to a four-year college or university. Every college accepts either test. In most cases, students should sign up for the additional essay portions, as many colleges will not accept test scores without them. Some colleges also require SAT Subject Tests. To register for the ACT and/or SAT, complete the online applications at or Students can find more ACT/SAT registration information and practice guides in the AHS College and Career Center (CCC). Students who qualify for free/reduced lunch are eligible for fee waivers for both the ACT and SAT; visit the AHS Counseling Office for more information. Students can also explore test optional schools at

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ASPIRE’s trained volunteer mentors help students explore educational pathways and career options available to them after high school. Mentors assist students in researching colleges, preparing admissions and scholarship applications, understanding the financial aid process, and many other aspects of the road to post-secondary education and careers. To learn more about ASPIRE, or to pick up an application, see Jen Marsden in the College and Career Center (CCC) or email


How should students decide which schools to consider? Thinking about the following questions will help determine which educational pathways may be a good fit:

· What are your academic and/or career goals? Do you know what you want to study? Does the school offer that program or a pathway to reach your goals?

· What kind of school do you want to attend? Liberal Arts, Vocational? Public or Private University? Community College? Why?

· What are the admissions requirements? Do you meet the minimum GPA and required high school classes? Do you need to take the ACT or SAT?

· What size school appeals to you? Big or small? In between? Why? Visit campuses to help you get a feel for what may be right for you.

· Where do you want to be? Close to home or far away? Urban, suburban, rural? Why?

· Can you afford the schools that interest you? What are your financial constraints? Use FAFSA4caster to see if you qualify for federal grants, and net price calculators on college websites to determine your out of pocket costs. Look for “no loan” schools, which make some private schools very affordable!

The way to begin to answer the questions above is to do your research: look at college guides and websites; visit campuses; attend college information events (like the one below); talk to your parents, counselor, friends and current college students; and pick up the AHS College Handbook, which is loaded with information to guide you!


Wednesday, April 8th 6:00-7:00 pm AHS Library

If you’re overwhelmed by the thought of planning for college, you are not alone. Finding an educational pathway that is a good fit for YOU takes some planning. AHS students of all ages (and parents/guardians) are invited to come learn more about the process of planning for education after high school – a process which has the capacity to provide students an opportunity for self-discovery, reflection and growth. Those who take the time to do their research are more likely to find an educational pathway that is a good fit.


How many schools should a senior’s final list include? This varies by individual, as each student will have a different set of criteria, which should include having cost of attendance options. As a general rule, students looking at more selective colleges apply to 4-6 schools, which vary in terms of admissions difficulty, but have the important features desired by the student.

There are no strict rules for the college application process. Some students may apply to just one school if they are sure about the school they want to attend, know they will be accepted, and have determined they can afford the cost of attendance. Most AHS students planning to attend one of Oregon’s public universities directly after high school usually apply to two or three schools, including a community college, to be sure they will have a college pathway that meets both their academic and financial needs. There is a non- refundable application fee ($35-$75) for most schools, except community colleges. Application fee waivers are available for students who qualify for free/reduced lunch. See Jen Marsden in the College and Career Center CCC) or your counselor for more information.

Understanding Financial Aid Awards

Wednesday, April 22nd 6:00-7:00 pm AHS Library

Financial aid offers, also known as award letters, look different at every college and are often confusing to students and families. This workshop will include an activity that allows participants to compare and discuss award letters from four colleges. Students and parents/guardians will gain a better understanding of how to read their own financial aid offers so they can make more informed choices. Finding an educational pathway that is a good “financial fit” takes some planning. Learning more about this aspect of the financial aid process will be especially helpful for juniors, seniors and their families


Many college representatives visit AHS during the school year and some colleges hold regional information sessions. Contact admissions offices and ask them to notify you about opportunities in our area. The following schools visited AHS this school year, and should return in the fall of 2020:

Central Oregon CC, Corban, EOU, Evergreen, Gonzaga, Lewis & Clark, Linfield, Northern Arizona, Northwest Christian, OIT, OSU, OSU-Cascades, PNW College of Art, Pacific, Pomona, PSU, Reed, Rogue CC, Savannah College of Art and Design, Seattle University, SOU, St. Olaf, University of Montana, U of O, University of Portland, University of Puget Sound, US Naval Academy, USC, WOU, Willamette, Whitman, and Whitworth.

Consider visiting college campuses during spring break or over the summer. Check out Oregon Private College Week July 27-31 (, where you can visit multiple campuses and then apply for free!

Cap & Gown Delivery - Thursday, April 30

Time to pick up your cap & gown! On Thursday, April 30th, your cap & gown that you ordered will be in the theater lobby during lunch.

Memory Tassels at $10!

Stop by the front office to purchase one today!
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Senior Project Presentations - Friday, May 1

Seniors will present their capstone projects to a panel of community members. (Half day for 9th and 10th graders.)

Cap and Gown Delivery - Monday, May 11

Cap and Gown Orders will be distributed on May 11 during lunch in the theater lobby.

Graduation!!!! - May 29, 2020

Counseling Office

Counselors Are Here To Help

Counselors are here to help your students succeed. Students can drop in at the counseling office during school hours to fill out a counselor reservation form, or email or call 541 482 8771 x2114 to schedule an appointment.

Counselors are assigned by student's last name as follows:

Keri Phipps (All Freshmen)

Diane Berry (Last Names A-He)

Kalli Walker (Last Names Hi-Me)

Jeff Roscher (Last Names Mi-Z)


Throughout the school year, college admissions officers visit AHS to talk with students about their respective schools. If a visit is during class, students should get pre-approval from the teacher. College visits, times and locations are listed in the daily announcements and posted in the College and Career Center (CCC). Visits are held in the CCC unless otherwise announced. Currently, the following visits are scheduled, but new schools will be added their visits are scheduled. For more information contact Jen Marsden at


Attention Seniors: Check out our “Scholarship Opportunities” bulletin board outside the Counseling office. You can also find a complete listing of Local, OSAC and Current Scholarships & Opportunities on the AHS website:

Attention Juniors: There are a couple scholarship opportunities for you as well. If you have questions, please contact Karyn Barats in the Counseling Office, or call 541-482-2278.

Ashland Firefighters Scholarship

William S. and Kristine Ann Phillips Scholarship

Ashland Firefighters – Local 1269 – Charitable Fund

Ashland Firefighters Association wants to grant deserving senior applicants who are dedicated to pursuing a career and life in the Fire and EMS field with the assistance to do so.

Scholarships of $500 – Used for tuition, books and lab fees incurred while pursuing education beyond high school. Award recipients must attend an accredited program in Fire Science or Emergency Medical Services.

There are no restrictions for scholarship recipients as to race, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, veteran, marital status, or sensory, mental, or physical disability. As selection panel will evaluate the candidates on:

Preferred Eligibility Requirements:

1. GPA of 2.50 or better

2. Have completed a minimum 50 hours or more of community service

3. Demonstrated leadership in school and community activities

4. Strong desire to help people in emergency situations

Application Criteria:

1. Complete scholarship application packet (available in the AHS Counseling Office)

2. Complete Community Service Log

3. Transcripts of last 6 semesters

4. Provide two letters of recommendations

5. Submit an essay not to exceed 500 words. Answer the prompts: Why do you wish to pursue a career in the fire and/or EMS service? What do you believe are three characteristics you possess that would make you a great firefighter and/or EMT?

6. Oral interview, date to be scheduled

Upon selection of an applicant, scholarship money is forwarded to the school of choice, upon successful registration.

Application Process:

1. Application deadline is May 1, 2020

2. Oral interview TBA

3. Scholarship awarded June 1, 2020

Incomplete application packets are considered. Application packets should include items one through five under Application Criteria above. Mail completed applications and supporting documents to the following address:

Ashland Firefighters Local 1269

PO Box 1125

Ashland, OR 97520

National Guard Career Event

National Guard is having a high school Career event at the Medford Armory on April 3 for all of Southern Oregon schools to come and see what the guard is. April 4 will be the Ranger Challenge where the students will compete against other schools in different challenges. We would like to get a team of 9 students if possible for the Ranger Challenge. If you are interested, please come to the Main Office for more information.

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Volunteer Opportunities - Earn Community Service Hours


Ashland Independent Film Festival has been POSTPONED

For those who were planning to volunteer on April 16th-20th, please visit their website for updates:

Rogue Valley Bike Swap Volunteer Opportunity POSTPONED

For those who were planning to volunteer on April 3rd and 4th, contact Sulaiman Shelton for updates.

Lifeguarding Opportunity

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Students (ages 14+) who are interested in science, developing new skills, having fun, and giving back to the community are encouraged to apply!

Accepted students will complete a 100-hour internship with a focus on summer camps or museum programs, OR a 40- or 80-hour internship with a mix of both

camps and programs.

This year students can apply online! Applications will be considered on a rolling basis but must be received by April 24, 2020.

The application can also be found online at the following link at

Paper applications are available in the Counseling Office.

ASF Fund Drive Phoning Night - Thursday, April 23

The ASF Fund Drive will be kicking off in April! If you'd like to volunteer, contact Kelly Tygerson at

  • Thursday, April 23 - AHS

Ashland Parks and Recreation

The Ashland Parks and Recreation WinterSpring PlayGuide is out and have many opportunities for kids and families, all of which are listed here:

Check it out!

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School Websites

Bus Schedule

ASD Transportation 541 482 3174

Click here to see bus routes and times:

Students riding a bus to any location other than their designated bus stop must have parental permission and obtain a BUS PASS from the front office.

Student Parking

Parking is now enforced in all lots. All vehicles parked on student lots must display a parking pass. Parking passes may be purchased in the main office for $20 per year. Parking violations of any kind will receive a warning sticker for the first offense, a tire boot for the second offense and third offenses will be towed. Please contact for parking issues.
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