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From Mrs. Arms' 1st Grade Class- March 1, 2013

Stallion Pride

Check out this student's work! It is so neat and organized. It can be read by anyone. E. N. was looking for a vertical pattern to figure out this problem. First he realized that the score doubled with each turn. He provided evidence by showing the equations to match his strategy. Then he reread the problem to see what else he needed to know and realized he was trying to find the total of all 4 turns. He represented his numbers with base tens and ones. It was easier to count the tens first so that's what he did. The answer was 75. This was done as part of a guided math group but was still amazing evidence of his thinking. Way to go!

Mark Your Calendar

  • March 4th- Robotics Club, Destination Imagination
  • March 5th- Kindergarten Round Up
  • March 5th- Research Project Due, Singing Stars Club
  • March 6th-7th Research Presentations
  • March 6th- Early Release
  • March 7th- Choir (3rd-5th), Girl Scouts, Chick Fil A Spirit Night
  • March 8th- Destination Imagination
  • March 9-17th Spring Break
  • March 29th- Spring Holiday, No School

These are 1st graders?

Coming Up...


  1. Review of time and money
  2. Re-teach of concepts needed
  3. Enrichment
Language Arts-

  1. Writing for Readers- ensuring our work can easily be read by ourselves and others
  2. Reading Comprehension Menus- students choose from a variety of activities to demonstrate understanding of read texts
  3. Word Study- we are going beyond just sorting our words and finding them in dictionaries, books we read, and our own writing. Mrs. Arms also designed some cool board games for us to practice our words with too.
Science/Social Studies-

  1. Citizenship- We will be looking at Americans that have impacted our lives today. This includes technology impact, inventions, civil rights, etc.

21st Century Learning

Here students are using Activotes and a slate board to learn about historical figures: Garrett Morgan and Richard Allen. Instead of viewing a Power Point presentation, students interact with the lesson by navigating it themselves using an Activ Slate and demonstrating understanding by using an Activote to answer questions throughout the lesson.