Green Careers

Marine Biologist

Salary Range

A Marine Biologist Salary Range is $45 to $110k.

The average Marine Biologist income is somewhere between $35,000 to as much as $110,000 per year.

Education necessary to do the job successfully

You need a bachelors degree in order to be a marine biologist.

Job Description/Duties

A marine biologist is a person that deals with the life underwater. With animals from sharks, to dolphins to even fish.
Some of the duties are clean the tanks, finding out different species, or feed them food.

Environmental relationship between the environment and job

The relationship between the environment and being a marine biologist is it deals with animals, and water.


Some advantages about being a marine biologist is you get to swim with sea creatures. You’d get to find out different kinds of animals. Also you get paid good money.


There are lots of safety issues. You could get eaten by a shark, or stung by a stingray.

Any interesting facts you found

You get to swim with lots of different kinds of sea creatures. The creatures live in coral, and the coral is lots of different colors.