Angie Miranda

A is for.,.

The countries of Italy Germany and Japan made OUT the Axis

B is for ..

Battle o Britain In the summer an fall of 1940 German and British air forces clased in the skies over the United Kingdom

C is for...

Coral sea : The first air see Battle in story and an engagenment in wich the lead role.

D is for ..

Dooolittle : American aviator and US army General James H doolittle led an ir raid o toxyo and other Japonese citizen four months after .

E is for ...

Espionage is a secret gathering of information about a rival .

F is for..

France is among the works oldes countries having United under a single rule since the middle age .

G is for ...

Gold Beach : Golding was made commande of order the britich empire in 1966.

H is for....

Helmet: is combat helmet that was used by the U.S military from world was 2

I is for ...

Invasion :of poland also knows the september campaing or the 1939 defend side war in poland .

J is for ...

Jeep Is a brand of American automobile that is a division of FCA us LLC

L is for...

Leyte in the pacific campaing of world war 2 was amphibius invasion of the gulf of leyte.

K is for ...

Kursk was a world war 2 engagement between German and soviet forces on the easter front.

M is for...

Midway was crucial and decide naval Battle in the pacific theatre of world war 2 .

N is for..

Normandy : was the imvacion by and stablishment of western allied forces in normandy.

O is for...

OSS Ofice of strategic services was a United States intellligence agency

P is for

Pillbox are concentre during posts normally equipeped with lophoels trouhg wich to fire weaponds

Q is for...

Quisling vickun quisling the son of church of Norway Pastor.

R is for....

Rommel Erwin romel Was a Highly decorated oficcer in world war 1

S is for..

Sea bees convinced that war was coming the US navy.

T is for...

Tokyo ofter referred to as a series of firebombing.

U is for..

USO sporting America troops was the firt mission of the USO .

V is for..

Victory the world war 2 medal is a service medal of the US military.

W is for..

World War 2 also know as the second world war was a Global war that lasted from 1939 to 1945

X is for...

X ray the xray machine was used beyond will and into the Korean war.

Y is for..

Yank was a weekly magazine published by the U.S military during world war 2.

Z is for ...

Zappelin is a type of rigid airship named after German.