Everlasting Flavor Gum.

"you can chew and chew, and it will never loose its flavor."

After a lot of experiments..

Seixas's Candy Co. finally developed the Ever Lasting Flavor Gum! It is available in 20 different flavors, and in 5 different sizes and shapes. Packs starting at $3.99 globally, now you don't need to throw your chewing gum away just because it lost its flavor.. And the Ever Lasting Flavor Gum never gets harder! So you can chew it easily without hurting your jaws.

Help us develop the new design for our new gum packs!

Using creativity, you can help us develop the designs for the boxes and packs for our new Ever Lasting Flavor Gum, just send us an e-mail with your design, or tweet it, or send it by facebook, and you may win!

Creativity Fair!

Saturday, Dec 22nd 2012 at 3:45-7:45pm

Johns Creek, GA

Johns Creek, GA

Help us develop new ideas..Last year, we and the people who went to the fair, developed the Unmeltable Chocolate ! Maybe this year, you'll help us develop something new..

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  1. Price: 12 piece pack/$3.99 - 12 pack box/$10.99Product:
  2. Product: Non-artificial everlasting flavor gum with flavors such as: bubblegum/strawberry/fruit punch/banana/coconut/chocolate/white chocolate/vanilla ice-cream/pepper mint/ and many more.
  3. People: Seixas's Candy Co. products including Everlasting Flavor Gum, is directed to every human being in the world.
  4. Place: We sell our products all over the world now, including Antarctica.
  5. Process: When you see the Seixas's Candy Co. name in a product, you will automatically know that the product is high-quality, and no artificial flavor or chemicals used, and you'll automatically know that our product does not affect your teeth or mouth, because we are approved by the International Association of Dentists.
  6. Promotion: We promote our products in billboards all over the world, our most famous one is on the Times Square/NY right now playing videos and showing colorful photos, but our promotion is based on colorful, and candy images, on newspapers, magazines, TV ads, and even on the internet.
  7. Physical Environment: Our products are always sold in packs, so you are sure that no one opened it, and our Everlasting Taste Gum, is sold in boxes or packs with the Seixas's Company logo.

How is it made?..

How it's made - The chewing gum Factory.flv

Try your luck!

Whenever you buy an Everlasting Taste Gum, you can win a golden ticket and visit our factory! We are distributing 10 golden tickets all over the world, and you maybe one of the winners!!