Aztec Salamander


The Axolotl

I am doing the Ambystroma Mexicanium , better known as the albino axolotl! The axolotl is a neotnic salamander, not a fish, BUT HAS 4 LEGS!The axolotl is white and almost transparent. The axolotl has pink feathery gills that help it breath under water. Their feathery gills makes them look like an alien salamander. They have pink eyes and a VERY large mouth.

Ambystroma means large mouthed. Axolotls have rudimentary teeth for griping and tearing. The axolotl is a endangered species. Many people want axolotls for pets. They breed axolotls, so people are fixing that problem.

The body

Where They Live

Axolotls live near fresh water lakes in Mexico City. A really cool fact about Mexico is that

Mexico is located in the “Ring of Fire,” one of the earth’s most violent earthquake and volcano zones.People in Mexico call the axolotl the water monster because of what they look like.

They also live in people's fish tanks and aquariums. It is hard to get an axolotl for a pet because so many people want these creatures for pets!


The axolotls are carnivores. They will eat smaller fish,black worms or anything else it can fit in its mouth. They will eat its small prey whole.Scientists study these amazing creatures in their labs. They feed them brine shrimp, California black worms and salmon pellets. When an axolotl is hand fed,it will latch onto your hand. You will feel their tiny teeth on your hand. They will hold on as long as they can, but eventually they will let go.

The axolotls predators are birds, fish, and humans. Humans are their largest predators because they eat axolotls for food in Mexico. They also use to use them for medicine.




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I hope you learned a lot about these weird creatures.I also hope you enjoyed my poster! Have a good day!