A Sherlock Holmes Collection

The Speckled Band

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The Author

Sir Arthur Coman Doyle is the autor. He was born the 22th of May 1859 in Edinburgh, Scotland and he died the 7th of July 1930 un Crowborough, England. He was a British writer and physician.

Type of book.

The kind of the book is a detective story

Main Characters


Helen Stoner, a young woman who is afraid that his life is being threatened by his stepfather, Sir Grimesby Roylott. Already it had been in prision in the past for having killed his Indian butler. Two years ago, the sister of Helen died, she died two weeks before the wedding. Helen had hears the last words of his sister, "Helen, it was the band, The Speckled band". Holmes listens with attention to Helen's history akd the case promises to proceed. He plans a visit to the house at the end of the day. In Stoke Moran, Holmes inspects the facilities carefully inside akd externally. Between the strange characteristics that it discovers it are a bed anchored to the floor, a cord of bell that doesn't work and a hole of ventilation between Helen's temporary room and that of Sir Roylott. In the night, they go a hotel near the house. They go to the house to investigate. Once inside, he listens a light metallic noise and a tenuous light acrossthe ventilator. Holmes ignites a candle and see a poisonous snake, he hits to the snake and makes it return for the ventilator. The snake attacks the Sir Roylott,who was waiting the snake. Holmes finds that Sir Roylott wants to kill histwo stepdaughters to take the inhertirance.

Personal Opinion.

I liked because it is entertained and because thanks to the intelligence and the ingenuity of Holmes reveals the assassin of the sister of Helen.

Historical/social background

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