World War 2

The Day it all Began and More

When it began and Ended; What caused this war

The war started in September 1939 and ended in August 1945. The war all began when Hitler and Stalin had a pact that meant Hitler would not face a war once he invaded Poland, but then on September 1st, 1939 Hitler invaded Poland from the west. This caused France and Britain to declare war on Germany two days later, beginning World War 2.

The war caused at least 50 million deaths, most of which were from the holocaust.

Social Impact

Discrimination denied African-Americans the ability to become an official war heroes.

They were not able to be recognized for any good deeds that had been done.They also had to deal with segregated training grounds and bunkers.They were risking their lives for those who treated them unfairly.

Tejanos also faced discrimination in the armed forces.Although they fought along with Anglos, they were often faced with rude remarks, violence and were often forbidden to speak by Anglo officers.This pushed them to strive for equal rights when they returned home.

While the men were away at war, women did the jobs that the men once did.The farmed built planes and tamed fires.when the men returned home to their jobs, women, of course, wanted to keep their jobs.They were fired anyways.Women were furious when they couldn't get any job.This became one of the many reasons to strive for women's rights.

Economic Impact

World War 2 ended the great depression.The federal government emerged from the war as a potent economic actor, able to regulate economic activity and to partially control the economy through spending and consumption.The war created many stable and needed jobs and the many unemployed adults went to war leaving jobs to those left behind.

Political Impact

After the war, the U.S.A. became a global super power along with the Soviet Union.Europe was destroyed. It's cities and economy were in the toilet after massive war and millions dead by violence and starvation afterwards.

The United States got to fight the war in somebody else's backyard. The US never had to suffer the destruction on its own soil.

This left the US in a strong position. The war also stimulated the US economy and pulled it out of the Great Depression.

The US then got to establish military bases inside Europe, many of which are still there today.

World War 2 in 7 Minutes